August 20, 2012

Lazy Sunday...on Monday!

I haven't been doing lazy Sundays as often as I'd like (errr just checked and my last one was July 1st?!? *hangs head in shame*), but I do find them to be really fun for me to write and keep the blog updated with all of my brain thoughts. Technically I wrote a summary post back in the middle of July, but that feels like a thousand years ago and I've been busy being awesome since then! I've decided to move Lazy Sundays to Mondays simply because I have two potential challenge posts already in mind for Sundays right now - Adventures in Stamping and Project Runway-inspired nail art. So here we are! And for funsies, and for pretty pictures, I've thrown some random fun photos in to break up all these dang words ;p

Cool content since my last 'Lazy Sunday' post
  • Monkey See Monkey Do (MSMD) Mondays are back! YAY! I love learning new techniques by re-creating nails I like from Pinterest and Tumblr (and giving people credit where credit is due, of course)
  • The Blogger Friends Forever Challenge with some fun blogger ladies was born! We all chose two different challenge ideas and post nail art inspired by some of our favorite things on Thursdays and Saturdays - sadly our first round of themes is ending September 1st :'(
  • Seriously, all of my awesome is going into the BFF challenges - they are consistently my most popular and creative posts! Huzzah!
  • TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indie Friday! is a new weekly indie polish feature - the idea was started by my friend Kirsten at Geeky Owl and she graciously has let me join her
  • a Project Runway nail art series has started; each week on Sunday I post nails inspired by any design from that week's episode along with two of my other blogger friends
  • My EOTDs have been randomly popping up on the blog; they've been fun to post and have received some positive feedback (always nice)
  • I've been working on more traditional swatching posts. No one likes them?
bL fall 2012 - love Trustafarian (green one 2nd in on left)

Here are some of my favey, less-loved manicures from July + August
Glitter Gal White Gold Sparkle is SO PRETTYYY
flags for the Olympic Opening Ceremony
minty-aqua mix & match
Pusheen the cat eating ice cream!
delicious macro of my black & white BFF nails
simple but striking Project Runway episode 4 nails
'crackley cupcake' - contrasting texture NOTD

Current Events
  • I got to take part in piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2012! If you missed it, the post is >here<
  • I have written more posts than days so far in August - word!
  • got a raise at work - woo! a teeeny one, but still
  • Some serious de-stashing has been happening, so the blog sale page will be updated soon!! My hope is to have it updated twice a month so I don't have to feel the pressure of major crazy de-stashing like I did this past week again, and can do it a little more frequently but on a smaller scale (ya get me?)
  • I've been on vacation these past two weeks; the first week I just sat in my PJs and watched people being amazing at the Olympics ;p
Upcoming blog content: this week and beyondddddd
  • At some point this week I will cross the 200 post mark which feels so incredibly exciting and fun! Something celebratory will be sure to happen...
  • I'm trying to work out a more consistent schedule for content on the blog; I feel like this has been more apparent lately and it feels nice to have something more concrete
  • Going forward, the blog will be a mix of 'theme weeks' as well as regularly scheduled programing (MSMD and TGIF are constants, while BFF is more fluid and Project Runway will eventually end since it's a TV show and all)
  • It feels like there should be more stamping, water-marbling, frankening and swatching on here, yes/no?

Nail Trend I ♥'d Lately
nails by disco-nail via fyeahnailart
Obsessed with little bare nail 'windows' right now! I feel like I only really see this on tumblr but it is amazing and perfect to me. I'm so glad my nails are less stained and I can do this trend; I tried using it in a lot of the first Project Runway posts.

Free 4 Haul 
My general haulage/purchasing has diminished in July and August, but I've still managed some polishes here and there in the two months combined ;D Recently I've picked up:
  • quite a few Pretty and Polished creations - both on Etsy and via pre-order
  • CrowsToes splurge (some of them were getting discontinued, you can't blame me!) 
  • a splendid purchase from Candy Lacquer (love her)
  • quite a few Deborah Lippmanns (mostly eBay, but the Nordstrom b2g1 helped)
  • finally snagged Humblebee on Ninja Polish! 
I guess it might not sound like it - but I promise I've been well behaved!!

sexy polish butts

Other Stuff
  • I love fall time and am really excited for the weather to get beautiful 
  • Halloween is soonish! I feel like I already need to prep! My boyfriend is going to be a rock for Halloween, and I might try to be a 'roll' ...?
  • My gym membership is getting renewed this week! HUZZAH!
  • Our wittle baby guinea pigs have grown so much! We're working on making an even more fabulous cage for them
omg, me! and guinea pigs!
*whistles* Wheewwwweeee. That was a long post! *wipes brow* Hopefully you made it all the way through and now feel incredibly updated and excited about all the things that are coming up this month and the rest of this year. Now I'm a little worried someone's going to comment and say I hold guinea pigs wrong :-/
- Em

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  1. Great post!

    I'm really loving the 'bare nail window trend' too at the moment. I keep meaning to try it out! x


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