August 27, 2012

Lazy Sunday Monday

As I said in my last Lazy Sunday Monday post, I'm continuing with the weekly re-caps but moving them to a day with less pre-planned posts because I'm picky about what content gets doubled (or tripled) on which day. This past week was not as awesome as I had hoped and it was 100% my fault for not expecting my return to work to be so completely exhausting and overwhelming as it was, and not being prepared with scheduled posts.

Recent Blog Events
  • I am now a member of the Metro Atlanta Beauty Bloggers, which is a group of beauty bloggers that are all located within 90 minutes of I-285!! I didn't have a lot of time to chat with the awesome ladies this week, but I'm really looking forward to getting to know them all better. Weekly MABB questions will be posted on Wednesdays!
  • 200 posts have finally been written on this blog - YAY! I finally feel major, lol
  • I am really close to 400 followers, which is so exciting y'all!

Here's some nail art I managed this week!
I am including last Sunday's stuff because it was cool and people liked it, including me ;p
fall Adventures in Stamping mani
Project Runway #5
BFF 'inspired by a movie' Inception nails
BFF 'inspired by cities' - an abstraction
Project Runway #6
Current Events
  • I've returned to work! Which means I won't be floating on the internet very much at all during regular business hours (7am - 5pm or so, somtimes like 7pm), but I will be around in the evenings and weekends
  • Slowly but surely working on a tri-level guinea pig cage, because that's a thing I'm into
  • I'm getting a moped (i.e. looks like a mini motorcycle) soon! My boyfriend is into them and has plans to buy me one as a not-surprise present
from my BFF "texture" nails

Upcoming Blog Stuff
  • Fun dotty MSMD, 'industrial mermaid' EOTD, Cath Kidson inspired BFF post on Thursday, Dollish Polish on Friday
  • A potential new series on Wednesday, either 'Whatever Emma Wants Wednesday' or 'Which Way?' since I tend to upgrade things before I completely remove them
  • Giveaways to celebrate 200 posts will be sprinkled in with regularly scheduled posts in the next few weeks!
from my last AiS 'Can't Wait for Fall' post

Trend I ♥ Lately - Faded French 
I adore the 'faded French tip' with half-moons that I've seen lately!! It looks so great in both 'traditional' and newer colorways.
by Dana A
by U Need a Manicure

Free 4 Haul
  • Since my last post I have purchased one bottle of Seche Vite
  • Swapped a DL I found to be too dupey for some Hits Phenomena
  • Got a Hot Mess Lacquers polish for "free" with a Copious credit
  • I am so excited to have $ again, let me tell you!
Red-Headed Step Child via Hot Mess Lacquers (for a future TGIF)

Overall, I am excited for the end of August and the beginning of September because I have grand plans for next month. Changing months always give me fresh perspective. I even went to the trouble of designing these special 'blogger planner' pages to help me brainstorm and stay on track; they're printed and in a three ring binder. My boyfriend has been chuckling at me lugging it around the house all day :D

Hope you had a great weekend and I'm sure we're all going to have a great week
- Em

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