August 14, 2012

I Dream of Genie! with Deobrah Lippmann Private Dancer + Sugar Baby

I'm really excited to share this relatively easy nail art with you because I am really excited about my new Deborah Lippmann polishes! For this I did one coat of my usual base coat, then a coat of Zoya ridge-filling base coat because I wasn't sure if the polish would be easy to apply or if it would show imperfections like the Essie Mirror Metallics, then two coats of Private Dancer and Sugar Daddy on alternating fingers. Then I did quick dots of Sugar Daddy on my Private Dancer nails and mini French tips with Private Dancer on my Sugar Daddy nails [obvs]. I skipped the top coat because I was curious about how these would dry on their own.

I love these polishes; they are really beautiful and easy to apply. They make me feel fancy and pretty, and they also make me think of harem pants and genies in lamps. I know there are lots of dupes for these out now, but I felt like it was worth it to sort of support the brand that came out with them first. Plus there is something magical about using a higher-end polish; I 100% felt like a princess while painting. I would definitely recommend hoping on the mirrored chrome/luster chrome train, and there are lots of options at different price points if you haven't gotten any yet! Deborah Lippmann, Nails Inc., Nicole by OPI, and China Glaze all have similar polishes out. There are also Golden Rose Metallics and eye CANDY London 'Color Flip' polishes if those brands are more readily available where you live.

I even managed to stamp with Private Dancer!
How do you feel about this trend? Are you sad that these aren't more duochrome, or are you embracing the slightly color-shifting chrome idea? I can't wait to try stamping with these over a dark-colored base polish.


  1. These two look so good together! Kind of makes me want to run out and get the Private Dancer dupe, lol. ;) With the ChG dupes I definitely appreciate the ridge filler as a base. Even though I don't have ridges, it provides a much nicer, smoother base and I'm honestly kind of sold on it for my regular basecoat. As far as the subtlety of the color shift, I like it. Of course I like a strong shift as much as the next person, but I do appreciate the subtleties of these colors and how much more versatile it makes them. I don't like my nails to clash with my clothes, and it's hard for these (the Swagga Like Us/Peridot and their many iterations included) colors to not look nice with most anything.

  2. oh mi gosh!!! love those colors!!! need to have this!

  3. Pretty mani! I have Private Dancer but yet to use it. I agree with you about supporting the brand that first comes out with a polish, but options are good, especially if budget is tight.


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