August 15, 2012

Crackley Cupcake?

Sorry to burst your bubble if you were hoping for a traditional cupcake nail art mani with some sort of crackle slopped on top! The title of this post refers to the sharp contrast found in a recent NOTD I did with a smushy, yummy 'yogurt' polish and some vibrant neon orange crackle over light gold.

I LOVE this combination so hard!

I layered one coat of Funky Fingers 'neon orange crackle' over 3 coats of a verrrry old Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds polish on my pinkie and ring finger and the combo is electrifying!! I really loved how it looked and the gold would catch the light just right and really sparkle; they are not kidding about the 'diamonds' in sunlight, holy wow! My pointer and middle finger nails have one or two (can't remember, so sorry) layers of Ludurana Marmorizado Carraro over a different old Maybelline polish (you can't see it through the Ludurana polish, so no bother naming it right now).

This was one of those bizarre combinations that worked out perfectly. I started collecting nail polish a year ago after the crackle craze had already started to fizzle, so I've just begun to work it into manicures. How do you feel about crackle? Over it, never liked it, think it's okay in moderation like this  NOTD??


  1. I really like this combination. Those colours work really well together and I'm loving the variation in textures :)


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