August 18, 2012

BFF Challenge: Texture! Micro-bead Drippy Nails

Today's challenge, the second one picked by your's truly, is TEXTURE! So I thought I'd try out a caviar fish egg micro-bead drippy manicure. The results were, erm, interesting to say the least! Micro-beads do not look very awesomely drippy as I had hoped, but I still really like this one anyway :D

with flash

I did two coats of CND Perfectly Bare, topped with Seche Vite, then mattified with Essie matte top coat. Unfortunately I have finally experienced the dreaded 'white spots in my matte top coat' situation which doesn't thrill me, but is easy to cover up when you're slopping beads on your tips! I used Reflections brand micro-beads from the craft store; they have a tendency to bleed a little in top coat, but I don't think it's very noticeable in person. If you are particularly curious about which shades of beads I used they are: Passion (pink), Copper (yellow), Cricket (green), Capri (turquoise), and Ocean (blue).

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Emma of Manicurity (that's me!!)

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  1. I love those bead colors together are awesome! It's like a circus!

  2. how cute!
    i never did like 3d nails but the color combo of the beads look soooooooo fun!
    great mani!

  3. This is so awesome!!! Love the bead colors, they are absolutely gorgeous!!

  4. This looks amazing i love the colours of the beads

  5. I totally love this! It looks like balloons rising! Gorgeous!

  6. Ooo I love this! Great color choices!

  7. So pretty! I can't fathom wearing a fish egg mani on my fingers (I'd surely have knocked or picked the beads off in no time) but they sure do look neat. I love the colors you chose.


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