August 9, 2012

BFF Challenge: Music!

This week Caitlin is calling the shots and today's theme is music! At first I wanted to do something like headphones or music notes, but since Saturday's theme is black and white I decided on something more colorful instead. Can you guess what my inspiration is?

with flash

My inspiration was an equalizer! Equalizers are used in recording studios and live sound reinforcement to make adjustments to the sound. And a bunch of other technical stuff I don't know a lot about.

FingerPaints Primary Color, DL Lara's Theme, SH Lightening, CND Green Scene
For this mani I did a coat of sheer nude, then sponged on red, orange, yellow, and green. Then I did some freehand bars to make it look like an equalizer. I think this was fairly succesful, but the lines could have been straighter and made the whole thing more convincing; if I did it again, I would use striping tape. Nonetheless, this was a fun idea for me to try out and I'm glad I tried it!!

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Tune back in Saturday for black & white nails, another theme from Catilin!


  1. How great. Pinning this as i need to do something simular

  2. So cool! I knew what it was just from the thumbnail :-)

  3. this gradient is amazing! XXXXOOO

  4. that's cute!
    the gradient effect is so nice!


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