August 16, 2012

BFF Challenge: Inspired by Coffee - a Latte Water Marble!

Woo hoo! This week is MY week of the BFF Challenge and I'm so excited :D Today my choice is 'inspired by coffee' - which seems sort of a limited theme at first, but I feel like it could be taken literally or figuratively so I'm looking forward to what everyone else comes up with. I wanted to do a water-marble that looks like a latte so I used some of my trusty light brownish nudeish colors and this is what I came up with.

with flash

with flash
I put down a thin layer of Nubar Classic Camel first, then marbled with the other colors. I think the most effective nail was my pinkie - it's the most realistic to real, delicious latte foam. I also really like my middle finger's marble, too. This was fun! My pointer finger and my middle finger are sort of double-marbled; the first one because I'm not very practiced, and the second one on purpose because I didn't love the pattern and decided to do it again instead of removing everything and then doing it again. Water marbles are fun and I should really do them more often!!

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Emma of Manicurity (that's me!!)

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Saturday is ~texture~ another fun and challenging theme ;p


  1. This looks awesome! I love watching coffee and milk mix. This look so yummy!

  2. This is so great! I love the idea, the colors you used, and the way it all turned out. Really eye catching and delicious looking. I may trade my green tea for a coffee tomorrow. ;)

  3. This is so gorgeous it makes me want a mocha!!


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