August 26, 2012

BFF Challenge: Cities! an Abstraction

This was supposed to be posted yesterday and let's just say that I am less than thrilled with my internet situation right now. However, here it is! My manicure that's inspired by cities. I did something a little abstract and wanted to show the reflection of city lights in water and then added some twinkly holographic square glitters to represent lights in buildings. This one is weird and fun to wear because the gradient tips are subtle, and the little squares catch the light and sparkle a lot (but the sparkling was hard to catch in photos).

I used two coats of OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees for my base color, then used striping tape to make the separate bands of reflected color. A make-up sponge was used for the gradient and some various cremes in blue, yellow, green, and purple to do the colors. 

I can't believe our last week of the challenge is this coming week! I've really loved doing these, and I feel like it's inspired a lot of great work from me and the other ladies involved. Next week will be lots of flowers :D

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See you Thursday for this challenge!


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