August 11, 2012

BFF Challenge: Black and White!

Today's theme is black and white nails as chosen by Caitlin. I had a really hard time deciding on one thing to do because I wanted to something really pretty, but not too over-worked. I settled on this fairly simple, but striking manicure!

I LOVE this mani in person! I think it's so simple and striking and wonderful. The plain black and white creme nails really stand out against the glitter nails and it all ends up contrasting beautifully. I would consider this a 'palette cleanser' mani and I really, really like it. I did two coats of w7 Salt n Pepper on my pinkie and ring, 2 coats of WnW French White Creme on my middle finger (it seemed fine at one coat, but I did two just cuz), and one coat of Cult Nails Nevermore on my pointer. I topped everything with a hearty coat of SV and now I can't stop admiring my shiny, pretty nails.

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Emma of Manicurity (that's me!!)

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Next week is MY WEEK! YAYYYY! I am really pumped :) I have a great idea for my coffee nails


  1. So cool!! I love how you did three different polishes =)

  2. I love what you did! Makes me want to get Salt n Pepper!

  3. wow!
    this polish is amazing!
    i wanna make my own version of that..

  4. This is so simple yet looks great. Plus i think whoever got you that W7 polish must be very awesome!


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