July 8, 2012

Stash: Oranges

This week has been all sorts of weird for me because of the holiday in the middle. Everything feels off! But ah, well, who can be mad at a week with only four work days? Back in February I did a post about all of the yellows I own and yesterday I was sorting through some stuff and thought, I'm sure I don't own that many oranges! Ha. Here's all the ones I could find at the time.

Let's talk about orange for a second, so I can drop the wee bit of color theory knowledge that I learned in that intro color theory class I had to take in college, okay? Orange is a secondary color that is made of red + yellow. It's a warm color and it's complement is blue (blue is my favoriteeee color, and I generally prefer cool colors). Complimentary colors are ones that are across from each other on the color wheel and they somehow don't do weird stuff to each other (what? yeah, technical words I don't know but essentially it makes the other one brighter because they don't mess with each other - like besties! You can print red on top of green to make a much brighter red, but it doesn't look weird! Colors are magical!). I think orange is okay. Right now I'm wearing peach nails (which I didn't include in this because it turns out I have maybe 30 shades of peach 0_0)

My typical orange cremes + a sorbet/jelly right in the middle! Sally Hansen Sun Kissed, OPI In my Back Pocket (Brights), OPI Y'all Come Back, Ya Hear? (Texas sorbet), OPI Roll in the Hauge (Holland), Essence Wake Up - of these, I think the first two are very similar and the last two are very similar. I wuv the wittle Essence bottles, tho, so it's not like I can just toss it!

My more off-beat creme/crelly oranges; these border on more pink and the pumpkiny, and brown-toned orangeish. NYC Tangerine Scream, Barielle Gotta Have Fate (very pinkish), OPI Call Me Gwen-Ever (Spiderman), FingerPaints Cordour-Orange (fall 2011), Essie Very Structured (fall 2011)

 Neons! I had no idea I had SO MANY neon oranges?! Color Club Wham! Pow! (Poptastic), You Got Soul-Ar (Starry Temptress), Tangerine Scream (Electro Candy), Orly Melt Your Popsicle (Feel the Vibe)

 More neon/matte oranges! I can't believe I had EIGHT neon/matte oranges sitting around in that sneaky 'matte' Helmer drawer! Funky Fingers 'neon orange crackle' (love this over gold!), Models Own Beach Party (Hed Kandi), Orly Old School Orange (Plastix), Milani Neon Awesome Orange, Claw Polish in orange (?)

Shimmery, glass-flecked oranges. The first three are super similar and I really don't know if I need all three...The last Zoya is a little bit too redish-pinkish to be orange, but the gold glassfleck makes it read as red-orange (coral with gold sparkle bits?). Wet n Wild Fantasy Maker Creepy Pumpkin (Halloween, obvs), Zoya Tanzy (Sunshine), Color Club Sparkle and Soar (Take Wing), China Glaze Riveting (Hunger Games), Zoya Rixa (Sunshine)

So, how do you feel about orange? I am beyond surprised that I have 24 oranges! I thought I would have like 5. In fact, I am missing Zoya Arizona which was hiding somewhere and I have at least on orange Deborah Lippmann on the way...wow. I know I can thin some of the cremes that are similar in hopes of finding more unique oranges - same with the neons and the glassflecked. It's hard to get rid of those darned Color Club sets - I just love them so. Also curious, you into my additional info about the collections each polish is from?
Let me know!


  1. I have maybe ten and I am glad I read this because I have that funky fingers and I will be layering it over gold for sure. Never would have thought about it.

    1. Oh, yay! Happy to inspire! I'll post that mani sooner rather than later so that I can show you :D

  2. love orange- thanks for sharing, keep up the good work!! {{{hugs}}}}

  3. whoa i like the neon model's own one!!

  4. cool collection of orange,, i think i only have 2,, haha

  5. i love this kind of post. I am amazed at how many oranges i have accumulated this year - and you don't even have some of my faves!! You need the HITS flakie Hula and you need a holo xxx

    1. Crap! Tbh, I totally forgot to check my holo, flakie, indie, and glitter drawers! I think I have all of the colored Hits flakies already, but if I don't I'll need it :)

  6. Amazing! A lot of oranges!




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