July 27, 2012

Olympic Opening Ceremony mani featuring flags!

I am so excited to share these nails with you today! I really loved the Union Jack I did for my punk nails, so I kept it and did some other flags to celebrate the Olympics. These are all freehand with striping brushes and I am super proud of them. I do wish I had left the flag on the pointer finger well enough alone because it got messy when I tried to add some extra details.

Fun fact: I have lived in all of these countries! Can you figure out what each country is?

I used the same red, white, and blue colors on all my nails, which made them look a lot more consistent. red - FingerPaints Primary Color
blue - Pure Ice French Kiss
white - Wet n Wild french white creme
green - CND Green Scene
yellow - SH Lightening
black - Cult Nevermore

From pointer to pinkie, the countries are USA, South Africa, Great Britain, and Singapore. The poor Singapore flag is sort of lame because my pinkie nail is tiny and I couldn't do a lot of details for the stars and moon.

Will you be watching the Olympics this year??

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  1. This is awesome!! :) And it's so cool that you've lived in each of these countries. Amazing freehand work!!


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