July 29, 2012

New Layout Celebratory Nail Art!

I like to switch up my blog layout from time to time; I think it annoys my Boyfriend with the constant "Do you like this one or this one?" and "Do you like this shade of blue or this other, similar shade of blue?"(probably a lot like all of my nail polish related questions, too). Anyhoo, I've finally settled on a new blog layout and wanted to do some fun nail art to match :D
with flash
All of these photos were taken with flash, so the colors are not quite as bright in person - the blue especially is extra bright in this photo compared to real life. I grabbed some neutral colors and a dotting tool to layer dots of color all over my ring finger; I even left some nekkid nail peeking out!

I didn't put any topcoat on my accent finger because I liked the 3D texture of all the little dots! I can't way to try this again with brighter colors in the future so my bare nail stands out a little bit more. I've seen a lot of designs featuring peek-a-boo windows of bare nail on tumblr lately and I'm loving it.

L-R: Orly Decoded (pinkie finger), Sinful Colors Nirvana, Pure Ice Kiss Me Here, Nubar Classic Camel (pointer finger), and Zoya Yummy (middle finger)

So, what do you think of the new layout? There are some small kinks that I'm still ironing out (weird little details like borders, etc.) but I'm really enjoying the general theme change so far. I think it's a nice, simple change from the bright blue one I made this summer.

I'm looking forward to the rest of this week; I have lots of other new stuff that I'm really excited to share with you besides my new layout :)


  1. Like the new layout and matching mani :)

  2. love the mani and the new layout!!!

  3. Uhhhh it's so nice and cute!! Exacly matching your new layout :)***

  4. Love the new layout and love the mani! Adorable!

  5. Love the new layout and I love the nails too :)

  6. Oh I am loving the dot header! And I love those colors too! Cool mani to match!


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