July 1, 2012

Lazy Sunday

This week I did a super fun Rainbow Favorites challenge initiated by Bec over at Lacquer Dreams! Essentially we did a blog post each day showcasing our favorite colors of the rainbow - with nail art optional. It was a great way to get thru some untrieds and use some good favorites, too!

Manicurity: Lazy Sunday weekly re-cap 7/1
Manicurity: Lazy Sunday weekly re-cap 7/1
Manicurity: Lazy Sunday weekly re-cap 7/1
Manicurity: Lazy Sunday weekly re-cap 7/1
Manicurity: Lazy Sunday weekly re-cap 7/1
Manicurity: Lazy Sunday weekly re-cap 7/1
Manicurity: Lazy Sunday weekly re-cap 7/1

I might do a stamping mani inspired by dots/circles later today, but I'm playing Hero Acadamey on my iPad right now instead.

Here are some posts from last week that I enjoyed writing - some drugstore display sightings and my polish storage set-up!

Manicurity: Lazy Sunday weekly re-cap 7/1
recent drugstore display cam
Manicurity: Lazy Sunday weekly re-cap 7/1
my duo of Helmers

Cool things I did this week
  • introduced my two new baby guinea pigs to my older guinea pig - successfully! Huzzah!
  • I got two Julep boxes this week! I joined the Maven program because I was really excited about the patriotic polishes for the July boxes; so I'm excited to try them out soon and review them
  • Attempted to see the movie Brave, but it was sold out - bawww :( 
  • Started watching Roswell on Netflix - it is so great; so funny-awkward like Twilight
Madeline Poole sheers for AA
new sheers for American Apparel by Madeline Poole

Upcoming things for this week
  • I did a guest post for Geeky Owl that will be popping up soon!
  • Patriotic polish will be featured here July 1 - 4
  • Julep polish reviews! I have a few polishes to try out + review now that I'm a fancy Maven and all that
  • Neutral week of favorites - white, gold, nude, silver, black, taupe starting Monday! I'm going to keep using the weekly theme of colors to try and get through my stash (and then hopefully thin it out, too! too many polishes)
Essie Luxe Effects promo material
new Luxe Effect! Stroke of Brilliance - swatches here

Other things - this week, it's just things I want...
  • I am sooo lemming the Essie Mirror Metallics right now! What are you lemming this week?
  • The new Bundle Monster plates came out! Did you snag them yet? I haven't yet, but I plan to!
  • The Wah Nails Book of Nail Art is coming out soon (July 10th here in the US)!! Are you planning to pick up a copy? I totally want one!
Prima Creative nails
LOVE these nails by Prima Creative
Hope last week was awesome and that you have excellent plans for Canada Day today and the 4th of July this week! Woo! Summer is upon us here in Georgia right now with a heat wave, so try and stay cool if it's warm where you are, too.
- Em


  1. So many pretty colours! If I had to pick just one favourite, I think it might be the bright, yellow Orly with the colourful glitters--they really show each other off nicely! :)

  2. Neutral week! That's right up my alley. :) Awesome that you got some new guinea pigs. Roswell's a good show! We watched the series on netflix last year. I'm totally lemming the Mirror Metallics, too, particularly the pink gold one.

  3. freaking sweet watermark

    i love lazy sunday posts, your nails are super cool=]


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