July 23, 2012

First EOTD on Manicurity!

A bit ago I asked if it would be cool to share some make-up here, and most people that commented said I can do whatever I want (ha) - so here's my first eye of the day look! I really liked this EOTD by Prettymaking and did some rainbow-y eyes inspired by it; I started out wanting to just use pastels, but then I dipped into my Sugarpill yellow and decided to make it a full on rainbow! Here's my look and the eyeshadows I used via Instagram; I don't have anyone to help me take pictures of my own eyes right now... But perhaps I'll be able to ask someone nicely to take some pictures of my eye later (can only imagine Boyfriend will be thrilled by that prospect).

Manicurity: Rainbow EOTD

I used a combo of Lime Crime and Sugarpill eyeshadows. I numbered the eyeshadows I used in the order I blended them across my lid and then down across my waterline (so in a clockwise circle starting from my inner eye) in the photo below.

Manicurity: Rainbow EOTD

Lime Crime Palette d'Antoinette - Royal Flush [1], Absinthe-Minded [4], Macarooned [2], and Ribbonesque [8] (I didn't use the silver on the end)
Sugarpill Buttercupcake pressed single eyeshadow [3]
Sugarpill Heart Breaker palette - Velocity [6], Acidberry [5], and 2AM [7]

Other Products I Used
- Urban Decay Sin primer
- L'Oreal Lineur Intense felt tip eyeliner in Carbon Black
- CoverGirl LastBlash Fusion mascara in Very Black
- Bare Escentuals Buxom mascara in Blackest Black

And here's the original from Prettymaking if you were curious!

Prettymaking inspiration

So, what do you think?! Yay make-up or nay make-up on Manicurity? I am super proud of the blending on the outer corner of my eye!


  1. What a lovely and fun look! You did such a nice job. I say keep going with the makeup! I don't wear much beyond my natural, neutral palettes, but I do enjoy seeing what others come up with. Excellent first photos, too.

  2. all of the blending is awesome!!! you did a great job. keep it up!

  3. wow you are talented! I love this kind of edgy make up I say continue lol at least I wont need to go on Youtube anymore

  4. Awesome! Love how fun and bright it is! And your blending is perfect!

  5. wow wow wow !! sorry, behind on my reading this week which is why i am only just seeing this. And HOW did you get your eyeliner so perfect?! Stunning, Em, absolutely stunning x


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