July 4, 2012

Even More Patriotic Polish!

It's madness, I tell you! There are so many different ways to combine three colors that I can't even believe it!! So here's a little more r-w-b polish for you. H'okay, this post really packs a punch! In this post there is all of the following:

  • glitter (in general; there's almost always glitter here on Manicurity it seems...)
  • a patriotic mani for the 4th of July (second one today!)
  • a personal franken
  • the first post of a new mini-series, Neutral Faves (inspired by the Rainbow Favorites series)
  • a quickie comparison of Nostalgic Pride and Girly Bits Vive la Revolution!

Let's do this in order of what I wrote in the list, shall we? I got a box of unwanted goodies from a dear friend as supplies for frankening. I'm still sort of in-between pouring polishes together and using raw materials, and I find that I can get the results I want more quickly if I mix existing polishes together first (and then I can try and create it with raw ingredients later if I want). I mixed a bottle of Love My Nails 'Glory' with some other polishes to make it more of a jelly polish with micro red glitter + the original red and blue bars and occasional silver star glitter. I might add more silver glitter soon since the stars are really hard to fish out (and I even added some extra suspension base). Overall, I'm really happy with this franken and only needed two coats to feel comfortable about my VNL!!

Sorry for this semi derpy picture, but it shows off the micro red glitter well! In the photos taken with flash the franken loses a lot of depth and looks way less cool than normal. Below is a bottle pic - ooh

New mini-series alert!! After doing the 'Rainbow Favorites Challenge' last week, I wanted to use the rainbow-y theme to get through my stash and also share favorite colors with you. My favorite white creme is UO's Virgin - a slightly off-white creme that is opaque in two coats. I put two coats on my pointer and middle finger and topped it with two indie brand patriotic glitters! 

Layering Nostalgic Nail Lacquer's Pride and Girly Bits Vive la Revolution! over white was not my single brightest idea in recent history, only because they both have their fair share of white glitter which just doesn't seem to *pop* over white that well - go figure! They are similar in so much that they both have red, white, and blue glitter. It's funny, though, that the glitters are not the same size or exact same shape - seriously the red hexes are different sizes and the blue glitters in the Girly Bits are slightly darker blue. Pride has additional white bars and stars, making it uber patriotic, while Revolution! has a shimmery base that might make it slightly more wearable year-round. Do I really need to keep both of these polishes? Probably not, but now that they're here with their other polish friends, I really don't know how I would choose one to turn away. Boyfriend prefers Pride and I prefer Revolution!, but just barely. Apologies for the bubbles *shakes fist at weather and AC and all that*

Nostalgic Pride, Julep America, Girly Bits Vive la Revolution!

I think three patriotic glitters are enough for one polish household, so I'm at my max - for now!

So coming up this week will be the rest in the Neutral Favorites series - my favorite black, taupe, nude, and brown. I also have an exciting new collection to swatch and share with you in the next few days that I'm excited about :D


  1. I love it, and frankens interest me to no end=]

    but I cannot deny my love for neutral colors, so i'm excited for the coming posts=]


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