July 26, 2012

BFF Challenge: Punk!

This week Bec is choosing the themes! And today's BFF Challenge theme is 'punk'. I did my best on this one, but I think I might have missed the mark anyway. Bec told us to use the Sex Pistols as visual inspiration if we were stuck, which I did - but I think mine just come off more grungy than actual 'punk'. Oh well, I'm loving my two colorful nails!

Manicurity: BFF Challenge - Punk! take 1

My pointer nail is just weird, bright grungy colors. My middle and pinkie nails are a layer of crackle over some other stuff. Then I freehanded some black creme on top leaving some pixelated half moon sections. These nails have a cool texture - shiny, but cracked, like a purse!

Manicurity: BFF Challenge - Punk! take 1

The Union Jack is on my ring finger, and it was surprisingly easy to do! I just had to be patient and think about which stripes to do in the correct order. I think I'll keep it on and do some 2012 Olympic nails for this weekend.

Here are some pics I used as inspiration for this mani.

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Emma of Manicurity (that's me!!)

Here's the other upcoming themes we have planned!

Manicurity: BFF Nail Art Challenge list

Check back here Saturday for my 80s nails!!


  1. sex pistols!
    i wanted to do something about them too but for some reason i can't find a specific thing about them that inspired me to.

    but great mani!
    punky yet fun!

    1. I felt the same way lol. These look awesome Emma!

  2. Love love love it! I'm wearing my never mind the bollocks shirt atm!


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