July 12, 2012

BFF Challenge: Cartoons/Anime

Sorry for the radio silence here! After my orange stash post on Sunday (I know, right?) I felt both depressed by how many polishes I own and inspired to get to organizin' - so I've been lazily swatching, comparing, and purging since Sunday (if you were curious as to where I've been and all that). But I'm back with some nail art today (*ahem* tonight)! And I am so THRILLED to talk about this cute nail art group I'm a part of - it's a group of eight nail bloggers that have designed challenges based on our favorite things! So now you can get to know us a little better all while we stay inspired to do nail art - cool, eh? Today's theme comes from Thiamere who chose cartoons/anime.

Manicurity: BFF Challenge - Anime Faces!
with flash
My favorite part of anime is the fun expressions characters have! I chose to do different nude/tan/buff skittles and paired them with different faces. This was really fun to wear! I liked that the design was a different orientation than my usual nail art.
Manicurity: BFF Challenge - Anime Faces!
sunlight lamp
I've read a few mangas, but I'm not super familiar with anime. My favorite anime on Netflix is Srgt. Frog; hilarious. Death Note was also pretty cool; I watched the first movie (live action) before the animated show, though. Anyhoo, here's a bottle shot of the different polishes I used. When using CND Perfectly Bare for the first time in this mani, I audibly gasped at how freakin sweet and opaque it is!

Manicurity: BFF Challenge - Anime Faces! - bottle shot
Essence Nude It, CND Perfectly Bare, Essie Case Study, Sally Hansen Duchesse Lace

Please check out the other ladies doing this challenge with me!

Emma of Manicurity (that's me!!)

Here's the other upcoming themes we have planned!

Manicurity: BFF Nail Art Challenge list

I am excited to put my own spin on a 'girly' manicure for Saturday!!
PS. Sorry for being lame; I will be getting myself on a more consistent schedule for content asap.


  1. kawaii!!!
    i love these expressions too!
    especially when they pout & has the 3 shape as their lips.
    that essie one looks amazing!

  2. They do have adorable expressions. This is so cute and clever, Emma! Great job.

  3. Omg I love these, soo cute! I love the anime expressions too. Great job :)

  4. Aw thanks, y'all! I thought these would be a flop because all the other ones for today were so much more colorful and detailed than mine :D


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