July 22, 2012

Adventures in Stamping: New Fave Stamp featuring Bundle Monster!

Today's theme for Adventures in Stamping is basically whatever we want! Yay! I thumbed through my new Bundle Monster plates and the paisley design on plate #315 jumped out at me. I used another new polish toy and stamped with my new Essie mirror metallic polish, Penny Talk. The base color is a recent franken inspired by Tony Moly Shooting Star - a milky grey-lilac base with multi-colored glitters (you will probably be seeing this swatch soon!).

Hopefully you can look past how derpy the lighting is in this particular picture below; I thought the stamping itself looked pretty crisp and nice in this shot, though. Sorry the top of it is so weird and bright...

If you want to join in on Adventures in Stamping, you can check out the group here!

What's your favorite new polish toy right now??


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