June 30, 2012

Rainbow Favorites: Day 7 - Pink featuring Icing Lipstick and Lovers + Sally Hansen Fuchsia Power

Hi all! Today is the last day in the Rainbow Favorites challenge! I don't like pink that much; I've always just been more of a blue girl than a pink girl and I generally prefer cooler colors than warm colors. The glittery photos were really hard to take; there were lot's of reflection from the blingy glitter, so apologies in advance!

I picked up the Icing polish Lipstick and Lovers because it reminded me a lot of Butter London's Disco Biscuit. There's a great comparison of the two polishes over on I Liked Nails. Disco Biscuit is more of a jelly with micro glittery bits, while the Icing polish is a sheer pink base with really pretty blue-purple glass fleck shimmer. It has sufficed for me for now because, like I already mentioned, I am not really a pink person. This sort of glass-flecked pink color seems to be popping up a lot right now - OPI Minnie Mouse collection, Color Club Take Wing, the new NOPI exclusive for Walmart 'Best Pink Ever' (recently saw it swatched on Also Known As...). Really, the Icing is a pretty color, but sheer, and I had VNL after two coats. After swatching the two polishes, below, I decided to slap some glitter on the ends!

This is the simple swatch I did first with Icing Lipstick and Lovers on my pointer and middle fingers, and Sally Hansen Fuchsia Power on my ring and pinkie fingers. I did two coats of each polish and topped it with Seche Vite. Fuchsia Power looked like it was going to dry with a deeper blue tone to it, but the SV made it dry more true to bottle color - very strange phenomenon.

Ooh, glitter macro! I did glitter gradients on all my fingerbits with Wet n Wild Beautiful but Dangerous from the LE Sparks and Stripes collection. This is the same glitter as Wet n Wild Correction Tape/Spoiled Trust Fund Baby with blue, gold, and black hexes and pink squares. Super blingy and pretty glitter; so shiny it was difficult to photograph. Ta-dah! Pink nails that I wore for two days (but am excited to take off today).

Hope you enjoyed this fun challenge! I really loved it - it was a great way to work through some untrieds and favorites at the same time. Don't forget to check out the rest of the pink nails today (if that's your thing, you know)

Thanks for following along this week!


  1. I, for one, an stoked that it's pink day... I could happily do a week's worth of pinks, lol! Another lovely mani you've created. :) I really like the look in the second picture.


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