June 29, 2012

Rainbow Favorites: Day 6 - Purple featuring Catrice Dirty Berry

This post is a smidgen picture heavy because it's my favorite post in this Rainbow Favorites series; just wanted to warn you!

natural light; shade
Catrice ‘Dirty Berry’ has a really pretty cool dusty quality to it, sort of like a suede polish. I thought the dusty silver parts were really neat until I stepped outside and was blinded by it’s scattered holo goodness!!! Now I’m really sad that it doesn’t look so rainbowy and pretty inside :'( This was two coats of polish for opacity.

sunlight lamp; shade
bounced flash

Then I did some quick nail art! I did two different sizes of polka dots with Orly Wild Wisteria. I love the way it looks! Polka dots are so easy and fun; I have no idea why I do it more frequently. 

bounced flash

Next I swiped some quick french tips in Trendy #345, a pretty turquoise cream. This was my first time using this polish, and it was opaque on my tips but would most likely need two coats to be opaque as a base color. My boyfriend thinks this mani looks like dinosaur eggs!


I really love the way this manicure turned out! I haven't done simple nail art like this in a longgg time since I've done so many more complicated, involved nail art challenges (Lost-a-thon, Hunger Games, Potter-thon). Anyway, don't forget to check out what purple polish is everyone else's favorite!

Stop back again tomorrow to see my favorite pink; it's the last day of our rainbow favorite challenge!!


  1. This looks great! Sometimes simple is best. <3 I really like that Catrice.

  2. I love polka dots!!! super nice mani!!!

  3. Very pretty! I love the color of that Trendy.

  4. It's pretty! I love the Catrice's polish!



  5. I absolutely love the funky!! Nice job!

  6. I LOVE this color combo! Dirty Berry is amazing in person!


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