June 25, 2012

Rainbow Favorites: Day 2 - Orange featuring OPI Call Me Gwenever

This is probably my most favorite orange-y color, but it also makes me sad because it's thin. OPI ‘Call Me Gwen-ever’ is weird and plush and beautiful. Have you noticed a lot of the recent OPI cremes being really thin and streaky? I don’t like doing more than two coats unless the polish is realllllly worth it, and I especially want my crèmes to be more like ‘one coat, two because I felt like it’ than ‘two thick coats, I am impatient as hell’. This one would have needed three thin coats, but I tend to do one thin coat to get the color down, then a thick second coat because I’m just that way. Regardless, this is a really pretty color and it changes a lot in different lighting (hello, second picture). 

I layered one coat of Candy Lacquer ‘Blue Rodeo’ on my ring and pinkie fingers as an accent. I really like how many different colors and sizes of glitter this indie brand stuffs in one bottle, but I have noticed slight reflective curling in almost all of the bottles I have from her – I just wanted to put that out there first. Now onto the fun: I like this polish a lot, since I love blue, and I’m very pleased with how it looks over Call Me Gwen-Ever! There are browns and greys mixed in with the blues; an awesome glitter topper. It is nice, but very gloopy when applying. I don't find this to be a problem because I don't think I would need to go back for a second coat because it's very packed with glitter.

Hope you enjoyed orange day! Don't forget to check out the other ladies below.

See you tomorrow with my yellow nails :D


  1. Wow, pretty! I've never heard of this polish before.

  2. I love how it is orange but not in your face.

  3. 1) Gwen-ever is quite striking on you; 2) the blue glitter looks awesome over it, and I love the accent nails you chose; 3) I LOVE your new watermark! SO cute. :)

  4. Very pretty. Call me gwen-ever really suits your skin tone, it looks lovely on you. Also I love how striking the blue is against the orange, they really work well together.

  5. love your nails that length and that colour is PERFECT against your skin tone xxx


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