June 18, 2012

Quick Look: Manicurity's Set Up

I'm feeling sort of blech about polish today; nothing is really calling my name. So instead I thought I'd show you a realllllly quick look at my 'set up'!

Here's a [hilariously bad] sketch I did to help myself sort out how I wanted to organize my Helmers; I have two of them so I have 12 drawers to hold polish + the tops of both Helmer (gotta use all teh space!)
Helmer organization sketch

I have two Helmers AND a Melmer, actually. The Melmer is for more temporary storage; I'm putting all of my 'to try' and 'to sort' polishes as well as my frankening supplies in it.

Here's a better picture of my Helmers and what's on top of them. 
Manicurity labeled Helmers

My Melmer sits to the right of these Helmers on the white desk that you can see in this photo. I have arranged my polishes by finish for now because I find that helps me the most when picking colors. For now the white desk next to these Helmers is covered in lots of extras - sample packets, nail art supplies, etc. so I don't use it to paint. I paint at my desk, which is also where I take photos once the sun has gone down (wayyy too messy to photograph for y'all right now, sorry).

This room is no where near as beautiful as some people's polish rooms (*cough*Nail-venturous*cough*), but I like my Helmers a lot. I benefit from living very, very close to an Ikea. I like how small the Helmers are while they hold a lot of polish. Some day I'd love to have my own 'beauty' room for polish and make-up, but that's not really something I see happening in the near future (who knows when I'll get a more grown up job and move!). Right now the polish is in my shared office/workspace area, but it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb (as long as I keep it inside the drawers).

Hope you enjoyed this little peek! I'll have nails for you to look at soon.


  1. Wow, never knew a helmer came in any color other than white.

  2. Thanks for the pics! I've been wanting to grab a red one from my IKEA for a while now but couldn't really get a good feel for the shade without going down there--I'll definitely have to do that soon now!


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