June 15, 2012

Once Upon a Polish - Cinderella Swatch & Review

Hooray! I have another Once Upon a Polish to share with you today! Cinderella is a blue-green duochrome with small holographic glitters. Can you tell I like blue-green things yet?! For these photos I did two coats of just Cinderella for opacity. I plan to layer it over different colors soon for fun, but I wanted to see what it looked like alone first!

duochrome flash macro!
I had a little bit of trouble applying this one, but I think it's most due to my own impatience and the small brush on the mini bottle I was using. I usually paint my nails by dropping a bead of polish down, and then moving it towards the cuticle, then to the tip, blah blah (you know, this method) but I think because this polish starts to 'set' quickly my application created small flaws. This has sort of a foily finish with little holo glitters in it; it dries smooth, but it looks a little textured (think Mermaid's Dream exfoliated). This has approximately three different color shifts - blue, green, light greeny-gold. It's very pretty and glowy on the nail; one that I find myself tilting my fingers all around and 'oohing' over.

holo glitter macro!
Things I really like about this polish
  • don't have to layer it to make the duochrome shift obvious
  • opaque in 2 coats!
  • cool texture
  • little holographic glitters are very pretty and catch the light
  • unique to my collection; I don't have anything that starts this soft shade of blue and then shifts to green

Things I don't love about this polish
  • I have to be patient when applying this polish because it 'sets' quickly and you can't really fix it until that layer is dry (like with some matte polishes, you know what I'm talking about!)
  • Can be a little brushtroke-y (but again, probably more my personal application fault than the polish)

Things to think about
  • What duochrome polishes do you know that look awesome without having to layer them over black first?!

tl;dr summary
Cinderella is a really pretty, soft duochrome polish that is unique to my stash (and I have a lot of polish). It has an obvious duo shift without having to layer it over black AND it has really pretty, tiny holo glitters that catch the light. If you like duochromes and blue-green polishes, check this one out!

Once Upon a Polish is on Facebook and Etsy. She has some polishes in stock right now, too!

*Product(s) in this post were provided for my honest review.


  1. I love duochromes and this one is really pretty :)

  2. just got Orly Mysterious curse- duo without black! and now that I think about it, so are Orly Galaxy Girl Space Cadet and Haley's Comet! Hope the ChG duos coming are complete too!


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