June 11, 2012

Lazy Sunday - sooo lazy, it's Monday!

I have a lot of general updates that I really wanted to share, so I thought I'd do a lazy Sunday post today (yes, on Monday). This is broken into three sections - updates, upcoming posts, and ideas I'd like feedback on (pretty please)

Cool things going on with me

guinea pigs
new guinea piggies! left is Kikko, right is Sabi
guest post gradient
check out what I did to these nails on Debbie's blog

Manicurity Hunger Games Nail Art series
click > here < to view all the Hunger Games posts

Upcoming things on da blog
  • reviews! I have two beautiful indie polishes to swatch and review for y'all this week (aiming for Wed/Thurs) as well as a water decal from KKCenterhk
  • stamping and swatching - I need to practice my stamping and I have 1000 bottles of polish to swatch (you can decide if I'm exaggerating or not on your own...)
  • giveaway - it's time. I have a few prizes collected so far; sometime soon there will be a giveaway to celebrate writing 100 posts and having so many wonderful followers

Once Upon a Polish polishes
indie polish butts; can you guess what polishes these are??
Cheeky stamping plates
just a sample of some of my newer plates that need to be used!

Things I've been thinking about and am curious if you're into?
  • possible stash tour/photos? I recently bought a Melmer to put all the things I didn't know how to sort into. It is full already. I have a lot of things *hangs head*
  • tutorials? I know a lot of people asked me about my 'engraved' timer-turner nail from the Potterthon series, and I'd love to do a tutorial about it to explain instead of try and use my words :)
  • there are some other 'series' I've been thinking of doing, but I need to decide if it's better to do daily themes or weekly themes - like 'stamping sunday' every week vs. a week of stamping, then moving onto something else (do you like it one way or the other or you don't have a preference?)
  • I'd like to do a little bit of make-up reviewing on here; I hope that doesn't sincerely offend anyone and if you're super against it, please let me know either in the comments or via email - manicurity (at) gmail (dot) com ((I just got a lot of pretty stuff lately and was thinking of throwing up a quick EOTD here and there))

nail polish stashSugarpill cosmetics order


Happened: Manicurity got upgraded to a dot.com!
Upcoming: Two beautiful indie polishes are getting reviewed this week!
Feedback plz - are you into the following: Stash tours? Tutorials? Make-up reviews??

Hope this coming week is excellent for both you & me :D


  1. stash tours and tutorials- any and all!

  2. I am definitely interested in seeing your stash, tutorials would be lovely I love learning new things, and I dono about anyone else but I won't judge you if you review makeup on here, cauuuse I totally do it on my blog. just sayin'. We can't limit ourselves to just polish always!

  3. I would most definitely love to see your stash, I love stash posts. I wouldn't be at all bothered if you decided to post the odd make up review, sometimes it's nice to mix things up a bit!


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