June 7, 2012

District Nine: Grain featuring China Glaze Harvest Moon

This is the ninth stop on the annual Hunger Games tribute tour. If you are somehow unfamiliar with The Hunger Games, please read this post to prepare for the 74th Hunger Games. You are a citizen of Panem, but if you need a reminder, you can read about our beautiful nation and its' districts here.

Welcome to District Nine!
China Glaze Harvest Moon accents

China Glaze Harvest Moon accents
The Hunger Games District 9 seal

District Nine's industry is grain, which provides bread and other nutritious goods to the other districts. Not much is known about district nine, nor about its tributes. Most of the tributes from this district tend to die in the bloodbath at the Cornucopia during the Hunger Games.
The Hunger Games District 9 tributes
China Glaze Harvest Moon accents

I really liked this in person, but it was crazy hard to photograph! My idea for this one was sort of 'abstracted grain against the sky'. The base color is Essence Walk On Air, and I used a dry paint brush to stroke on the China Glaze polish for this district - Harvest Moon. Harvest Moon is really pretty and really reflective!

District 10 will be presenting its' tribute presentation soon; please tune in. 
The Capitol thanks you for your cooperation and invites you to tour the other districts by clicking here.

May the odds be ever in your favor.


  1. Love this color combo! Very vibrant!

  2. Very interesting mani! I really like it!

  3. This is such a pretty combo, I really like it :)

  4. I'm dying for this color combo! It's fabulous!


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