May 16, 2012

Rainbow Honey My Little Pony Nail Art Competition: Rainbow Dash!

Rainbow Honey is an indie brand of nail polish and their upcoming Equestria Collection is based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! In honor of the new upcoming collection, Rainbow Honey is hosting a nail art competition with My Little Pony as the inspiration. So, I did some nails based on my favorite pony - Rainbow Dash! Here is my entry picture - from my thumb to my pinkie it is her eye, hair, wing, cutie mark, and then more hair. My favorite nail is by far the close up of her eye on my thumb; I sponged on a gradient and went back in and did some details after and I think it turned out well. It was super fun trying to figure out what order to do everything in to get it to look the way I wanted. 

Manicurity entry for Rainbow Honey My Little Pony nail art competition

Rainbow Dash gif

I am really proud of these nails. They took a lot of sketching and planning and re-doing and re-doing and "Boyfriend, does this look like cartoon horse hair to you?"-ing before they were done.

If you really like these nails, too, then I'd love it if you took a second to vote for me!! You can vote two different ways (and you can do both methods!)
  • 'Like' the picture in her nail art competition album on Facebook by following this link here (bonus points for each time it gets 'shared', too, so if you have an appropriate place to share it and would like to do so - go right ahead!)  
**You can vote for more than one person, too. There is one 'grand' winner who will receive the whole collection, and two runner-ups that will win mini bottles of the whole collection.

I used a rainbow of colors for these. The blue base color on all nails is China Glaze Bahamian Escape (that one in front there), then I used the Milani Nail Art striper in Blue Print to outline everything in the same style as the cartoon. 

polishes used for Manicurity entry for Rainbow Honey My Little Pony nail art competition

Technical Details by Finger
thumb: LA Colors white striper for eyeball, gradient using the hot pink and white LA Colors striper and WnW Lavendar creme (the pinks behind the blues in the bottle shot photo)
index: red = Revlon Red Bikini, orange = OPI In My Back Pocket, yellow = SH Lightening with Milani Nail Art striper in Blue Print to outline
middle: CG Bahamian Escape with Milani Nail Art striper in Blue Print outline
ring: Color Club Starry Temptress glitter tc, white LA Colors striper for cloud, Milani Nail Art striper in Blue Print for outline and blue stripe, SH Lightening for the yellow bit, Revlon Red Bikini for the red bit of the cutie mark
pinkie: Orly Fresh and Orly Wisteria for the green and purple hair bits, respectively

Here are some fab pictures of the Equestria Collection from Rainbow Honey!

Rainbow Honey Equestria Collection

Rainbow Honey Equestria Collection

Pony nails yay! These were fun. Vote here if you want to.
Rainbow Honey nail polish is awesome and you can check it out on Facebook, or her blog, or on Etsy.

Thanks for looking and especially thanks for voting if you like them!
I love each and everypony that follows me ♥


  1. Looks gorgeous! You did an amazing job!

  2. LOVE THESE!! The eye is my favorite I think...or the wing!:)

  3. Lovely! I love how much detail you've put into these. The eye is my favourite :)


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