May 10, 2012

Oh, hello! Hits Glitter Forte & The Hungry Asian Bottle Spam + Update

Well, hellooooo there! I've been away because last week was finals week, then this past weekend my boyfriend had his graduation and his family came to visit. Since Tuesday I've been enjoying peace and quiet with the boyfriend (and watching a lot of Hulu/Netflix). I am pleased to announce that both my boyfriend and I are college graduates now!! Hooray :D

So NOW I have some pretty glitters to share with you and a little heads up about the content you can expect to see for the end of this month. First, a rainbow of HITS Glitter Forte from Llarowe (they were on sale, I promise).

w/o flash - a little blurry, but at least not washed out
with flash - mmm holo gold in the middle :)

I finally pulled the trigger and bought some polishes from The Hungry Asian!! Yay! She is super sweet and wrapped my haul up like a real present, which was great to open because I bought it as part of a celebratory present to myself for passing my last required college class. I got three full-sized polishes and two minis to try out. Her mini bottles are little hearts with a big diamond on top - tdf!

Sneeze Breeze
Sea Creature
Twenty Ten - I tried to turn this like 3374758 times, but *sigh*
On a Budget

I've got some fun glittery manis coming up the next three days, and then starting Monday I'm really excited to share another nail art series with you!! It might be a little late in terms of the movie, etc. but I don't care :D

super obvious clue is super obvious

And then after this series, I'm in another fangirl group nail art challenge that I am also super pleased about. I love doing nail art inspired by movies/books/tv because it helps me to create really interesting designs and I feel super passionate about them.

I hope everything is going swell with you :)
xx Emma


  1. *cheesy comment*
    may the odds be ever in your favor!

    anyway, sweet haul!

  2. lol at NNN ^^^ and my a strange coincidence Em i am today wearing Sneeze Breeze on one hand and Sea Creature on the other xxx

  3. Gorgeous polishes! Can't wait to see swatches!


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