May 20, 2012

Instagram'd Nail Mail + Update

*waves* Hello! Since this is a personal blog, you know, with pictures of my hand and all, I thought I'd be a smidgen personal for maybe a minute. I haven't really been online much this weekend and so I've put off painting/writing a lot of posts, so I just wanted to sort of check in. Last week I went back to work, so while I had more posts than I could be patient enough to space out last weekend when I was on vacay, this weekend I've been silent. This is a thing I've struggled with a long time - having grand plans (i.e. all these nail art themed series and too many ideas), and then following them through to finish them. I at least kept up with the LOSTathon, probably only because I felt like people were counting on me. I am sad that my Hunger Games series is getting spread out, so I need to make more time to get it done. Today instead of doing my nails a bunch, I helped my boyfriend shop for a briefcase for an important meeting on Tuesday and yesterday I watched bunnies hop around a pet store [seriously. I want one now. I wish bunnies and guinea pigs were like cousins so they could hang in the same cage].

tl:dr I sometimes struggle with being consistent with creating and posting blog content, and that sort of stresses me out/makes me sad. But I also like hanging out with my boyfriend and NOT being online, so *shrug* C'est la vie!

Here are some Instagram pics of (only part) of my nail mail this week. I have apparently turned into an old lady about technology - I am not on instagram and I made a Facebook fan page for this blog, but I don't 100% know what I'm doing yet lol Bare with me :D

Royal Nail Mail via Instagram

Ooh, ROYAL Mail?! What could it be?

New Barry M polishes via Instagram

New Barry M polish bottoms via Instagram

New Barry M's from dearest Debbie!

Gossip Girl Nicole by OPI polishes via Instagram

These are three of the four Gossip Girl NOPI polishes (from 2010!!). Someone in a Facebook group remembered I had posted about my discovery and consequent disappointment in them being an older collection, and alerted me when a different person found them in a discount store. It was so sweet of both of them! So now I have all the colors :D Too Rich for you is already hiding somewhere in my office, but this is L-R: Party in the Penthouse, Scandal, Secrets and Sparkle, and Nicole...Spotted! [These are all dupes for the Ulta exclusive OPI Shimmer into Summer collection from 2011 (more here)]

Haze Glaze spring limited edition colors via Instagram

Here are 3 of the new spring limited edition Haze Glaze colors; I purchased these when I found out I was done with college (along with a Llarowe splurge, my Hungry Asian glitters, a Glitter Daze mini-haul, and a Rainbow Honey Equestria pre-order. Whatever. It's nice to be done with college after forever!). These are my first Haze Glaze polishes, and I'm not totally sure how I feel about them. I used To Serve Man in my Effie Trinket nails. The big big purple squares in this polish were curled when I received it and I contacted the seller on etsy and she was just like "bummer" and that was all. Sort of a unique experience. Flutter looks AWESOME because it has butterfly glitter in it. What's cooler than that?!?! BUTTERFLY GLITTERS! Crocodile Tears I haven't tried at all yet and feel unsure about (sort of too many things in one place), but my boyfriend likes it. He always likes the most unpredictable things!

China Glaze Prismatic Glitter polishes via Instagram

And finally, the China Glaze Prismatic Chroma Glitters. I got all of them. I'm like two months late on these.This is an awful picture, sorry! Anywayyyy I got a good deal on these from Amazon and it's another thing that my boyfriend thinks is mega awesome which entertains me to no end. I also picked up Konad S6 which I had been eying forever.

Did you get anything fun in the mail lately?? Nail mail is the best. It's like a present to myself!

I'll be continuing the Hunger Games series the rest of the week, probably having to double up each day to get it done because I have another pretty magical group nail art situation happening next week. But it's been really fun so far! I like seeing my sketches and ideas come to life without any issues (yet. *knocks on wood*)


  1. nice haul, and no one's gonna hate you for not wanting to be online very much!

    having a boyfriend who supports a nail polish obsession is pretty awesome, I don't know what I'd do without mine

  2. Pretty much what I need is your nail mail - these are all OSM! I am so happy to hear you are taking the time you NEED. As you said this is YOUR blog ;) Plus the creative juices tend to flow way better when we take time away from computer to see life and spend time with those we cherish. Thanks so much for posting this <3

  3. yay nail mail :) xxxxxx and the reason you don't post as often is that your manis are INTENSE Em. There are so many layers to them, that there's no way you can churn out 7 or even 5 a week. You're quality, I'm quantity (cos I have less quality lol) xxxx


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