May 27, 2012

District Five: Power featuring China Glaze Electrify

This is the fifth stop on the annual Hunger Games tribute tour. If you are somehow unfamiliar with The Hunger Games, please read this post to prepare for the 74th Hunger Games. You are a citizen of Panem, but if you need a reminder, you can read about our beautiful nation and its' districts here.

Welcome to District Five.

Hunger Games District 5 China Glaze Electrify

Hunger Games District 5 seal

District Five's industry is power - electric, solar, and nuclear. Although this district is fundamental for providing power for the entire nation, it seems rather unremarkable and average. Not a lot is known about this district. It is suggested that not many children enter their names for the tesserae, meaning that this is not a particularly poor or rich district. Foxface is the most well-known tribute from District Five, and she stays alive by being really creative.

Hunger Games District 5 tributes

Hunger Games District 5 China Glaze Electrify

My idea for this one is along the lines of "a current running under it". This was a fairly simple/easy one, but maybe not my most thematic? I did two coats of Riveting, then one of Electrify on all nails, then freehanded some designs with black and a skinny striper brush. My favorite one is by far the v-gap pinkie; I was always afraid that I would mess it up, but it was the easiest! I left the black without a top coat, and I like how it looks like leather with the glittery bits sticking out.

District 6 will be presenting its' tribute presentation soon; please tune in. 
The Capitol thanks you for your cooperation and invites you to tour the other districts by clicking here.

May the odds be ever in your favor.


  1. I really like this, makes me think I should invest in Electrify xo


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