May 13, 2012

AIS: Watermelons? Using BM-215 and Orly Grave Mistake

The challenge in Adventures in Stamping this week is using a plate ending in 5. My favorite pattern happens to be on Bundle Monster plate 215, so I decide to try a snakeskin pattern over my creepy Dark Shadows nails. I am either out of practice or the stamper was broken (har har), so the first finger I stamped got a very sparse pattern. So how to make the creepy, bloody nails into something cute? Mess up a snakeskin stamp and you get WATERMELONS! 

I used Wet n Wild Black Creme to stamp, and the green Art Deco striper in the pictures to do a quick green outline after stamping. As a refresher, here are the original nails from Friday before being made into fruit!

Now I'm curious - have you ever had a plan go horribly wrong, but become horribly cute instead?! Let me know in the comments - and pics, or it didn't count :p


  1. lol you are so funny, but it WORKS! xx

  2. That's fantastic! hahaha! :)

  3. I love how you turned this watermelon. I've usually seen these manis with the rind on the tips! Love it as a raffian :)


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