April 7, 2012

Sparkly Nail Mail + Sad Times

My guinea pig died today, so I thought I'd take some pictures of some sparkly new nail mail to try and make myself feel better. Polishsale.livejournal is both the best and worst thing that has happened to me and my polishes - and my wallet :'( I was craving holos the other day, so I picked up a few + some other random things from two blog sales. Ready for pretty pictures?

(flash) Nubar Gem, Catrice Dirty Berry, Rivka Jenny
(artificial ligh) Nubar Gem, Catrice Dirty Berry, Rivka Jenny
I am SO happy I picked up Nubar Gem - it is amazing in person, so sparkly and rainbowy and pretty even without sunlight (like bottom picture). I have to compare Dirty Berry to my other blue and purple scattered holos (like my A-Englands), but the shade seems unique. I picked up the Rivka holo Jenny to add to my other Gossip Girl colors. 

(flash) Rivka Vanessa, Serena, Lilly, and Jenny
(artificial light) Rivka Vanessa, Serena, Lilly, and Jenny
Yay! More GG Rivka holos! I admit, I used to really love Gossip Girl. I would be pretty pleased if I one day found the 'Blair' color, but I can live without the Georgina one.

China Glaze He's Goin in Circles, and L8R G8R
mmm holo
This is my first holo from the China Glaze Kalediscope collection, which might be a massive mistake. It is so, so pretty! I can't wait to get the coarser SF and play with some frankens. The small bottle is a decant of L8R G8R - it is an awesome color green and maybe someday I'll happen into a bigger bottle of it!

I also picked up a lot of 3 salon-frankened holos for fun. I can't wait to swatch them to see what kind of holo they look like on the nail! But I'll put them under a cut in case you're not as thrilled about silly frankened holos as me ;)
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frankened He's Goin in Circles vs. normal one

And here at the bottom of the cut I just wanted to throw in some pictures of my guinea pig. I feel really ridiculous being so sad about this, but it was my first pet as an adult, and I picked her all by myself. She was cute and entertaining, even though she didn't like me very much (in fact she bit me this morning as I was trying to see what was wrong)

This is from the first week or so I got her - which feels like forever ago! She was so little!! 

This is probably the single cutest picture I have of her! With her wittle mouth open (the picture before and after this is her being attitude-y and trying to take lettuce from me)

I took this of her really recently, so this is my last picture of her. It's so nice to look back at all my pictures and see ones of my guinea pigs sprinkled in



  1. :( I'm so sorry about your lil guinea pig. Don't feel ridiculous about mourning the loss of a pet, especially such a well-loved one. Our lil animals are as much a part of our families as anyone. It sounds like she was very special. Hugs.

    I would totally pass on a Georgina polish, too. lol.

  2. Emma I'm sorry your guinea pig crossed the rainbow bridge. I'm a rodent lover and have 10 chinchillas now but also had a few guinea pigs in my day.

  3. :( I'm super sorry to hear about your guinea pig. It's always horrible when a loved pet dies. Big hugs.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your guinea pig. :( I hope you're doing okay. xx

  5. AW :( Sorry about your piggie. She was SOOO cute. The polishes are lovely though. Where do you get Rivka?

    1. I got all of them but Jenny on Ninja Polish when they were in stock; they were LE, tho. I think they're fairly easy to find on blog sales, tho

  6. I'm so sorry. :(

    I have Dirty Berry and love it!


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