April 26, 2012

Nostalgic 'Gluttony' vs. Sonoma Nail Art 'Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence'

YAYYYY! I got some excellent nail mail today. Once I said "glitters don't count, I can have as many glitter polishes as I want because they go on top of things and they never look the same" and my boyfriend was all "but we're running out of space in our office..." So we tip-toe around the Helmers, and I buy all teh glitters :D

Today I received Nostalgic Nail Lacquer's 'Gluttony' from the 7 Deadly Sins collection, as well as Sonoma Nail Art's 'Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence'. For maybe 15 seconds after I purchased 'Gluttony' I felt, well, like a glutton for buying it when I knew SoPI was on it's way to me and they seemed similarly rainbow-y. But now that they're both here, I feel no shame! No regret! They're both beautiful and different and I don't care that 3 Helmer drawers (out of 12, mind you) are glitter-ized!

Now, I was practically drunk with excitement, so these pictures are a smidge blurry.

Yes, maybe I did nick the front of one bottle with the scissors while ripping the package apart.. maybe...

This is, of course, switched from the bottle shots - SoPI on left and Gluttony on right in this picture - one coat of each. I've seen so many excellent swatches of glitter over yellow, so it's what I thought of to try first (also, I just double checked and Gluttony is swatched over yellow in NNL's swatch photo - hmm)

I love them both!! I think the more dominant colors are different in each one - SoPI having more prominent blue hexes and purple squares, while Gluttony's red squares stick out to me the most. SoPI is more sparse, but the shapes are bigger and it looks more refined overall. Gluttony is, as it's namesake, very full of all colors, shapes, and sizes. The little white glitters in Gluttony are a great addition, just like the hearts in SoPI are a great hidden surprise (there are none in this quick swatch). I'm really feelin' Gluttony over yellow, but not so much SoPI over yellow - I'll have to find the perfect base for when I actually wear it, which will be ASAP (probably after LOSTathon is over). 

Gluttony was limited edition, but you can check out more Nostalgic Nail Lacquer here
Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is not limited edition, but Sonoma Nail Art won't be restocking until May 15th 

PS. As always, I leave my photos mega-huge so you can click on 'em and get all up in that glorious detail :p


  1. Oohhhhhhh these are both awesome!

  2. they each have TOTALLY different glitters- I don't think there is one the same across the two bottles? Love Love Love

    1. I know!!! I am so, so happy about it! The bars in SoPI are yellow, the bars in Gluttony are black, etc. Everything is different :)

  3. Thanks!! Now I need SOPI!! Gah!!!

  4. They are both beautiful, you can never have TO MUCH glitter~! :D

  5. Oh, I agree with you on the glitter! The possibilities with glitter are endless! :D


  6. Great review! Thanks so much. I really love Sister (she's getting a new name: Sister Sparkle The Exalted One, but the same formula) because she is more sparse. I did that on purpose so that you could get a kind of abstract art look with one coat, or add more layers for a glitter bomb. Glitter for EVERYONE! :)


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