April 28, 2012

LOSTathon: Season 6

Season 6 is the last season of LOST. It picks up where season 5 left off - after Jack detonates a hydrogen bomb left on the island in an attempt to change the past, the remaining people left in the 1970s are flashed-forward to the present day on the island. The Man in Black, mostly still in the form of Locke, is scheming his way off the island after murdering Jacob. Ilana and the survivors of the Ajira Flight 316 scramble to figure out who to follow and what to do upon discovering Locke's dead body. Lots of weird twists later, and it turns out Desmond is a secret weapon! Then some of my favorite people die and everyone cries. And in the end, the island is limbo and everyone can move on together.

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natural light

pointer - the Source (the Heart of the Island) - meant to represent the light coming from the Heart of the island - also where Jacob puts his brother's body that turns him into the smoke monster
middle - Smoke Monster/Man in Black
ring - sad attempt at re-creating Claire's crazy, crazy wild-lady hair
pinkie - the Temple
thumb - a really pretty 'explosion' to represent the submarine's explosion and all the deaths by explosion in this season

flash - really wanted to show more detail of my MiB finger

Hoorays about Season 6
  • Learning more of the backstory of Jacob and his brother
  • seeing Jacob tied to all the other moments and episodes (like the pilot when Locke holds up the two pieces and explains backgammon to Walt)
  • I don't really know that I have a ton of 'hoorays!' about this season; I appreciate everything that happens, and I feel mostly satisfied, but still pleasantly confused

Nays about Season 6
  • Sun and Jin die :'(
  • Sayid dies :'(
  • Jack dies :'(
  • Creepy, crazy Claire

  • that scene where Ilana makes Ben dig his own grave? Whoa, powerful!
  • the ashes
  • Sayid being brought back to life in the Temple
  • all the cool ancient stories/the MiB + Jacob backstory
  • all of the excellent flashback and flash-sideways storylines

I have had so much fun doing these with the other talented ladies! This challenge definitely makes me want to watch LOST all over again. I think all of us are a little sad with our last season mani because it's soo hard to say goodbye all over again, and to truly convey how important the show, and final season, was to each of us. Thanks for sticking around!! Enjoy this bonus pic of my thumb :D

Technical details for polishes
pointer - Catrice Goldfinger + Revlon Lunar
middle - Nubar Wildlife as background with black and grey sponging
ring - Nubar Classic Camel background with SH Mellow Yellow and Lightening hair bits
pinkie - Essie Case Study with black striper pen
thumb - Essence Wake Up! (red-ish), SH Lightening (yellow), and OPI In My Back Pocket (orange)


  1. i love this mani Em, and i love you so much for trying to pay homage to Claire's hideously matted hair!! i thought of doing a mani of her spooky "baby" but couldn't find a photo. Bravo, sweetie, bravo!

  2. Love this! Gorgeous all of it! Crazy Claire! Haha!

  3. I'm so in love with these. Especially the index and the explosion!! But again I'm loving the way you play with texture. It's unique and really makes your mani's pop!


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