April 27, 2012

LOSTathon: Season 5

No big surprise, but most of us focused on the 'Lefties' - those of the Losties that were left behind and had to travel through jumps in time after the wheel at The Orchid station gets stuck. I was really enamored with the storyline of the 'Lefties' being left in the 1970s - which also happens to be the same time that Jack and the Oceanic 6 (minus Aaron + Locke's body + Ben) return during. We get to explore time travel and the ancient history of the island during this season; I really loved the time travel in this season quite a bit! We also get to know more about the 3 new characters brought by the freighter - Daniel (an incredibly smart physicist), Miles (who can communicate with the dead), and Charlotte (a cultural anthropologist who actually lived on the island with her DHARMA Initiative parents when she was little). There's a lot of other details we get to learn about the characters, which I also enjoyed.

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pointer - Charlotte's nosebleed
middle - Juliet's DHARMA mechanic jumpsuit in the 1970s
ring - me using Sawyer's new identity as LaFleur as an excuse to use a new glitter polish :p
pinkie - 70s inspired needle drag
thumb - the frozen wheel

Hoorays about Season 5

  • Sawyer (or LaFleur) + Juliet = yay!
  • this season is especially cool, because you get to put together a lot of interesting puzzle pieces and watch the Losties in the past trying to survive (like Kate delivering Claire's baby)
  • Jin is alive :D (and now Sun knows it!!)
  • Jacob's appearance in everyone's lives 
  • Locke is ~*magically*~ alive on the island again [after seeing below - Ben totally strangles him]

Nays about Season 5
  • Juliet dies, and Sawyer (LaFleur) is le sad :'(
  • Ben kills Locke!
  • Ben also kills Jacob :(

  • Bernard and Rose have been living happily on the island :D
  • Daniel gets shot and killed by his own mother :o/

"Thank you, namaste, and good luck."

bonus! wonky thumb detail 

Technical details for polishes
pointer - Essence Nude It! and OPI Pepe's Purple Passion for blood drips
middle - Catrice Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans, with gold striping tape and Catrice Goldfinger for little dot patch
ring - OPI In My Back Pocket + Sonoma Nail Art 'Mustard Fields' glitter (omg, so pretty)
pinkie - Orly Fresh (green), OPI In My Back Pocket (orange), SH yellow
thumb - SH Whirlwind White background, Nubar Wildlife sponged on, Misa Grey Matters, black striping pen


  1. <3 these! I love that you're using so much 3D nail art! It inspires me to try using more of mine!

  2. i really love your pinky!

    i'm just sad tomorrow's the last day for this challenge..

  3. Love these! My favs are the nosebleed and the jumpsuit! Perfect! Love! :)

  4. i love these Em, especially the thumb. Loved the description of the ring finger - "an excuse to use a new glitter" ha ha xxx Super cool xxx

  5. amazing! I love this! I love the wheel! <3



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