April 26, 2012

LOSTathon: Season 4

For my season 4 nails, I decided to focus on the Oceanic 6 that get to leave the island. At first their lives seem great, but then they start to unravel and things get really crazy. This season is the one that is foretold during the flashforward at the end of season 3 with Jack crying "we have to go backkkkk" - but will they? This season also introduces some new characters that I really like, but I'll talk about them more in season 5's post (Dan, Miles, and Charlotte from the ship).

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pointer - one of Hurley's outfits from being in the mental ward (a shirt and a robe)
middle - Kate's engagement ring from Jack (I realize it wasn't green, but I wanted a big stone and it's the only one I could find)
ring - Jack's nasty, scraggle beard
pinkie - Jeremy Bentham - who?? haha
thumb - Oceanic logo

Hoorays about Season 4

  • Sawyer sacrificing his way home for the others in the helicopter - so cool of him! But also sad
  • Penny and Desmond reunite!!! YAY!
  • Sayid is reunied with Nadia!! YAY!
  • Hurley gets to talk to his dead friends - kinda cool

Nays about Season 4
  • We find out how Jack and Claire are related
  • Michael trying to kill himself over and over :'(
  • Desmond's concious time traveling & the need for this constant
  • Jin is presumed dead :'(
  • Sun is so bitter :(

  • Sayid becomes an assassin
  • Kate seems to have it all - she doesn't go to jail, her mom loves her again, she has a son, Jack wants to marry her (for like a DAY)
  • Do we like Charles Whitmore or not?!

"Dude, I've been having regular conversations with dead people."

Technical details for polishes
all of my main fingers are Essence Colour & Go in Nude It! (current super fave nude color)
pointer - Essence Walk of Fame for the mauve, and Misa Spaced Out for the robe
middle - Maybelline Chrome for the silver and a giant gem from the craft store
ring - Zoya Codie and China Glaze Mahogany Magic
pinkie - SH Whirlwind White with black striper details
thumb - SH Whirlwind White background, Wet n Wild Lavendar creme for pink, A-England Gallahad, and Pure Ice French Kiss


  1. I am getting such a kick out of these manicures! I love it! You ladies are awesome!

  2. awesome!! LOVE the ring and lol that we both paid homage to Jack's disgusting beard :) Really really fab :)

  3. This is fantastic! The ring, the beard, Hurley's outfit! Love! :)

  4. amazing! - I hated seeing jack looking the way he did...Hes the hero...=-/..That was the only bit I hated! =(

    ...Cant you tell I adore Jack lol


  5. these are great. I love the pinky ^_^ Too cute!


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