April 25, 2012

LOSTathon: Season 3

Season 3 of LOST starts out with Jack, Kate, and Sawyer being captured by The Others, and only gets more complicated and action-packed from there. The first two seasons of the show are sort of slow and mysterious, building suspense and confusion until this season when a ton of action and betrayal (and more general confusion) occurs. The plots and intentions of all the characters get really twisty in this season - more than before [duh duh duhhhh]. Desmond does a lot of time traveling in this season, there's also more flashback stories and the first flash forward occurs at the end of the season. The end of  season 3 is also when Jack calls the people on the freighter, while the audience is informed that it is Not Penny's Boat

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pointer - abstracted corner of the DHARMA logo from the van that Hurley and Charlie take a joy ride in (I love this little story so much)
middle - diamonds and the Medusa spider on some sand (you know, for burying people alive in...)
ring - a (semi-crappy) tape manicure of the radio tower on the hill for the end of the season
pinkie - Ben's white rabbit and explaining the device in Sawyer's chest to him (this nail is supposed to be textured and 'furry' seeming, btw)
thumb - NOT PENNYS BOAT (pretend this is written on the wittle hand I managed to draw)

Hoorays about Season 3

  • Charlie's 5 greatest moments of his life [also, see: "all the tears I cry all season are because of Charlie"]
  • Juliet - I actually really like her and her smug smirk and her know-it-all-ness; I think she plays all of her roles really well (her flip flopping sides back and forth forever entertained me)
  • I love to hate the Nikki & Paulo story arch! It's one of those small things that I think about all the time; the fact that they get buried alive haunts me

Nays about Season 3 - mostly I found this season really stressful and sort of upsetting
  • Jack's weird storyline about the tattoos in Thailand - meh
  • Jin's flashback stories about dealing with Sun's Dad's drama :(
  • Eko dies :'(
  • Locke loses faith in the island, has weird visions, and is mute for a bit = strange
  • NOT PENNY'S BOAT :'(  - omg Charlie - I might be tearing up right now writing this...
  • Kate + Sawyer does not please me; I almost don't like her with anyone because even with Jack she's annoying. I guess I appreciate her as a lone woman (she's so badass!), not when she gets emotionally tied to people in romantic situations (her conflicted feelings just seem to annoy me)

  • Karl getting brainwashed - redonkulous
  • finding out that there are two islands - Hydra Island and the Losties' island
  • the fight at the Flame station
  • getting introduced to the sonar fence
  • that crazy [pretend?] thing they implant in Sawyer's chest
  • Naomi (getting a knife in the back) and the freighter
  • Ben freakin' shoots Locke and leaves him in a mass grave - what?!
  • Alex meeting her biological mother (finally)
  • Mikhail. Ugh. Mikhail.

For some bonus macro picture shots and the technical details of polishes, follow the jump!

"See you in another life, brother."

Technical details by finger
pointer - Essie Barefoot in Blue as base, two mixed Essence polishes for the 'rust', two different mixed Essence polishes for the metal logo bits
middle - Essence Colour & Go in Nude It! (new fave, omg, buy all of theeemmmm) with a dash of China Glaze Snowglobe, rhinestones (obv) and black striper for details
ring - ManGlaze Mayonnaise base + Essence Wake Up for red (as 'radio tower) under Pure Ice French Kiss for 'sky'
pinkie - SH Insta-Dri Whirlwind White and ManGlaze Mayonnaise, with a dry brush to make texture + some stamped light grey and the 8 done with some plain black striper with a dotting tool
thumb - Cult Nails Timetraveler as base, Sally Hansen  Duchesse Lace for the hand, Catrice Goldfinger as window

PS. Hope you're enjoying the fun posting times! Noticing a pattern? 


  1. Love love love this! I think this is my favorite one you have done! Loved the van storyline! And poor Charlie! :(

  2. This is great! Well done Emma

  3. Love the Spider and diamonds! I almost forgot about that episode.

  4. Emma this is great !!! lol at the ickle spider - love this Em, love it xx

  5. Omg I love this! - Medusa spider <3 - I love that Dr. Leslie Arzt was collecting all these interesting bugs..whilst - the rest were surviving..Or sawyer was getting beat up lol( He always got a slap or something every few episodes!) x


  6. Such a cool mani! I hate spiders but I'm glad you managed to nail that creepy little bastard...i'm still really afraid to google if that's a real spider and if it can come anywhere near my area any way possible and hopefully not..
    great job!

  7. How did I miss these?! I love this! The spider is my favorite!!


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