April 24, 2012

LOSTathon: Season 2

There's so much that happens in every episode of Lost, let alone a whole season! For season 2's manicure, I wanted to do a design that I could abstract across all of my nails and I immediately thought of the awesome black-light map that pops up on the blast door in the Swan station during Locke's lockdown (during the episode entitled "Lockdown" - ha). Since this episode is pretty far into the second season, we've already been inside of the hatch (and pushed the numbers over and over), been introduced to the Dharma Initiative (and watched the video), had some run-ins with The Others, and even experienced most of the story arc including the few members of the tail section. 

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Hoorays about Season 2
  • Shannon + Sayid = adorable
  • Hurley + Libby = adorable
  • the capture of Sawyer and Michael by 'others' that are really just 'others' from the plane
  • finding more Dharma stations

Nays about Season 2
  • Shannon dying :'(
  • Libby dying :'(
  • Claire and Charlie not getting along 
  • the Others being super tricky over and over (the huts, the beards, inhabiting the Dharma stations)

  • Henry Gale, from Minnesota
  • Michael kills Anna Lucia and Libby for the Others to try and get his son back
  • Sun is pregnant! But Jin is infertile...?
  • Desmond fleeing and returning
  • the Swan station blowing up at the end of the season
  • the call to Penny that says "we found it"
BONUS PIC! Weird glowy fingers!!!

Technical details - polishes by finger(s)
base color - Cult Nails Blackout, then details painted with white
neon pinky color - unnamed Color Club pink + purple neon mixed together
neon bluey color - Essie Barefoot in Blue (Toms color) + Color Club Pure Energy
question mark on thumb - unnamed Color Club pink neon

PS. These are my fave LOST nails so far :D


  1. freaking out with how much i love this one !! fabulous dahling, seriously fabulous xx

  2. Funky manicure and funky neon! I love it!!!

    /Hugs xx

  3. Love this!!! That door was the bomb!!!

  4. This is fantastic! Love it! I was happy when Ana Lucia and Shannon died! But I felt bad for Sayid. :)

  5. You did a great job recreating this! I loved Lost during the first few seasons, but it lost its luster for me in the last few seasons


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