April 23, 2012

LOSTathon: Season 1

So as you might know by now (I've hinted here and there about this "six girls, six seasons" idea) - I'm part of a challenge to do nail art inspired by the TV series LOST! Each day of this week I, along with the other ladies, will be posting a manicure inspired by a different season. Today is season 1! I'm probably the last in posting this, but I wanted it to go up at 8:15 (nerd nerd nerd). The rest of the posts should be more timely - following a particular numerical pattern you might be familiar with 4...8...15...

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I watched LOST long after it aired; I watched all six seasons last summer on Netflix, so I might have a different view of it all than the other ladies. For instance, I knew Ian Somerhalder as a vampire before I knew him as Boone, but I'm still majorly fond of the series.

So, my nails are pretty obvious and summarize the first season - the beach, the caves, a POLAR BEAR?!?!, and the hatch. Generally, the first season focuses on the crash of an airplane and their fight for survival - choosing between living near the beach or in the caves by a source of water. Then the mysteries start to enfold - why is there a polar bear on a jungle island? Why is there a metal hatch marked 'quarantine' in the middle of no where on this same weird, jungly island with polar bears...!? What IS that smoke monster thing?

Hoorays about Season 1
  • everything about Charlie - I both love and hate him so much
  • Hurley is the best!
  • Kate is maybe the most beautiful human woman I've looked at - she's so pretty! And I still liked her in season 1 lol
  • Sayid is super smart and awesome
  • Sawyer - another person I can't help but love and hate

Nays about Season 1
  • freakin' SHANNON. I cannot watch anything with her in it now without immediately being annoyed. Her and Boone = ughhh
  • Boone dying :(
  • Locke totally creeped me out for the most part of season 1; I was so skeptical of him and that one time he made Boone have a weird hallucinations - what?

Remember when...?
  • even in the very first episode, we're talking about "We have to go back!"
  • that scientist guy blew up at the Black Rock? Holy crap!!
  • that moment you find out Sun totally knows English?!
  • meeting Rousseau by following the cable
  • Claire being kidnapped, Charlie being hanged - ick
  • Michael's raft and The Others taking Walt
  • the hatch finally opens at the end of the season....

Now enjoy a video of the polar bear scene!

Technical Details - polishes by finger
pointer: SH Duchesse Lace for the beach, Pure Ice French Kiss for the water with some white striping polish swirled in
middle: Cult Nails Blackout with Misa Spaced Out sponged on, Orly Fresh for jungle-y vines
ring: ManGlaze Mayonnaise as the base, with plain white for the eyes, black striper details
pinkie: Misa Grey Matters with some white and black stripers for the hatch door, and Essence Nude It for hatch window details


  1. Love it! Awesome job. And I too do not like Shannon. She bugged/bugs me so bad! :)

  2. Oh how I miss this show! I should rewatch it on Netflix. Your wave is amazing! It actually looks like it's crashing.

  3. Oh I'm totally missing Lost now. I'll have to rewatch it too. Love that wave!

  4. I love this!!!.. and grr Shannon ><


  5. "You've got some Artz on ya" :P Love that. These are great Emma!

  6. these are so fabulous - the beach nail is my fave - brilliant xxx


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