April 29, 2012

LOSTathon Re-Cap

Oof, what a week! I hope that you've enjoyed re-living all the different seasons of Lost vicariously through my nail art :D Out of all my nails, I think my favorite was my season 3 hand, but I also really loved seasons 2 and 5 as well. Now that this whirlwind week is over, I have two distinct feelings - 1.) Watch LOST all over again this summer and 2.) I love doing nerdy nail art based on things I love - I'm planning to do more challenges like this in the near future (something about the odds being ever in your favor and perhaps another challenge about a Chosen One...)

My LOSTicures by season: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

This would not have been as much fun had I been doing this challenge alone. It was great to do it with such a talented and awesome group of internet lady-friends! Seeing which things we picked that were the same, and things other people had picked that we had maybe forgotten about made it a really great experience. I don't know if Debbie could have organized a better group of LOST fans/friends to do this! So, here are my favorite manicures by the other people in this group.

Bee is by far the most knowledgeable LOST fan in our group. Her quotes and attention to detail made her manicures extra interesting; there were a lot of moments she chose for her nails that I hadn't thought of or remembered! While all of her nails were great, I thought her season 5 mani was pretty extra awesome! The Aljira flight nail really gets me. You can see all of her Lost posts by clicking here.

Debbie is a great writer! I always find her blog posts to be entertaining and her summaries of Lost really let me re-live all the moments of the show. I really enjoyed both her season 3 and season 4 manicures, but maybe because I enjoyed season 3 so much I felt biased towards it. Her season 3 mani was sort of subtle, but that's why it works so well! She made a much better beard than I did! I really liked her bits of rust on the cage, too. You can see all of her other Lost posts by clicking here.

Kirsten's season 6 mani is probably my favorite of her's! The extra spookiness that's included in it makes it creepy, but spectacular! I also really loved her season 3 mani because of the 'authenticity' of using a Sharpie (and the fact that I really ♥ Charlie). You can view all of her other Lost posts by clicking here.

Kerrie did a great job of being inspired by each season of Lost, and making a really cool, wearable hand of nail art based on it. I loved her season 2 numbers mani, and her season 3 van-inspired mani. My favorite of her's is season 5 because I'm pretty partial to the plot of that season and her fun, bright tie-dye mani is super succesful! You can view all of Kerrie's other Lost posts by clicking here.

Sarah is a master-stamper, as everyone knows! I really loved here posts explaining in detail how she does her great backgrounds. I was a huge, huge fan of her season 3 mani but I also really loved her season 1 mani. I thought Vincent was such a great character! And it was so great that Sarah remembered to include him (I *ahem* did not). You can see all of Sarah's other awesome Lost posts here.

Thanks to all the ladies!
Bee at Bee Polished
Debbie at The Crumpet
Kirsten at Geeky Owl

And thanks for all the lovely comments about this series! I'll be back soon with another fun series.


  1. thank you sweetheart, I'm touched. Here's to many more challenges xxxx Oh, and Bee couldn't have put it better about you when she said yours had been all about "texture" - they've been GREAT xxx

  2. Awesome job! This was so much fun!

  3. I got such a kick out of these posts! Love it!


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