April 14, 2012

Gold Fleck Topcoat Showdown

Pardon my extreme gap, I thought - what better time to experiment than when you're about to take your manicure off?! This is a quick comparison of three different gold 'fleck' style topcoats in my stash; I was trying to purge some, but they all seem so different & now I don't feel comfortable letting any of them go!

  1. OPI Red Lights Ahead...Where? with Nyx Gilded Glitter - love love this fleck! maybe my fave in terms of "every day" wearability
  2. OPI RLA...W? with Lacquistry's 24k Gold Shredded glitter - my first Lacquistry purchase along with Aqua Shredded. She packs her polishes with glitter; this is just one coat! I like it, but it takes some getting used to - incredibly blingy polish. The shreds lie flat and look very nice over creams, distracting with shimmers (I tried it previously with Cult Nails Iconic here)
  3. OPI Kiss with Nyx Gilded Glitter (repeat) - love the variety in size and definition of the pieces vs. the Essie (very much a flakie)-> maybe should layer the Nyx under the 24k next time to fill in that missing variety?!?
  4. OPI with Essie As Gold as it Gets - incredibly beautiful and subtle, much more of a 'flakie' than the other two, but also very, very dense and can add too much shimmer to an already shimmery polish (like the same example of Cult Nails Iconic here

moar details! L-R: Lacquistry's 24k Gold Shredded, Nyx Gilded Glitter, Essie As Gold as it Gets (same base colors mentioned above)

I don't really have a favorite because I like all of them in their own ways. But if I could only have one, I'd probably pick the Nyx one - only because it's got large and small flakie bits. And no, my Lacquistry polish isn't leaving me quite yet, I'm sure I'll let you (the internet folk) know if I tire of it (doubtful). Maybe next I'll try layering all three!

Do you have any of these or do you want any of them now? Do you think they all look like the same?? Which one is your fave? For more info on Lacquistry polishes, check her Facebook (she's currently sold out and I don't remember if 24k is LE or not)


  1. I really need to get my hands on gilded glitter ;( Been wanting a gold fleck/speck polish since before my blog hahaha.

  2. Very awesome! Gilded Glitter has eluded my grasp for such a long time.


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