April 30, 2012

Glitter Gal Marine Blue vs. Enchanted Polish Marge's Blue Beehive

I got some fun nail mail over the weekend and I was excited to open my package from Enchanted Polish! I love blue and I love holo, so I was really excited about Marge's Blue Beehive - but I immediately wondered how close it was to Glitter Gal's Marine Blue. Ready for a bunch of pictures?

bottle butts - GG left, Enchanted Polish right - looks almost exactly the same in the bottle

blurry bottle backs - GG left, Enchanted Polish right - the Glitter Gal was a lot more holo in bottle

 GG left, Enchanted Polish right - with flash, seems similar still; the holo particles in the GG are a smidge bigger and 'rainbowier'

GG left, Enchanted Polish right - the GG looks a smidge greener, while the Enchanted Polish has a dusty 'denim' quality to it in the shade

Sorry, these pictures go the other way - just a little confusing!

Enchanted Polish left, GG right (see, slightly greener?) ((with flash))

Enchanted Polish left, GG right (see, slightly greener?) - and the GG is a little less opaque (you can see it in the bottom right corner of the nail)

Glitter Gal Marine Blue
  • more holo-y than Marge's Beehive
  • a little more green-toned blue (hence 'Marine Blue', eh?)
  • clearer color (the other one is a 'dustier' blue)
  • less opaque; I did two for the nail swatch, but I would probably need three for my own nails (or maybe just wear some undies and then 1 coat)
  • a third coat could possibly make it closer in tone to Marge's Beehive, but could also make it more pronounced 'greenish'
  • more expensive for less product - but I do love the little square bottles (I can fit more of them into my Helmer)
Enchanted Polish Marge's Blue Beehive
  • pretty blue color; but sort of 'dusty' (the holographic particles lend a silver dusty quality to it, like denim)
  • less holo-y than the Glitter Gal
  • rather opaque - pretty great in 1 coat, used a second for the nail wheel swatch 
  • more expensive than other holographic frankens from indie brands (my Dollish Polish holos were $9.50)
Which one would I pick? Tough call. I don't know that I can really pick one without having used them for all my finger bits first, but there are some obvious pros and cons to each with my first encounter! I like the holo-ness of the GG more, but I like how opaque Marge's Blue Beehive is. I guess I should probably just keep both for now *shrug* *wards off crazy looks from critics*

hopefully this doesn't take ten minutes to read :D

Price and Availability
Glitter Gal - from Ninja Polish $11.50 for a 9ml bottle - currently in stock! yay!
Enchanted Polish - from esty $12 for a .15mL (full-sized) bottle - not available right now, but it's a new shade so it should be available on her next restock


  1. They're both stunning! I think you could get away with only owning one of these :)


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