April 9, 2012

Blue Monday(s)

I am having a rather crappy Monday, as most Mondays tend to be, and I've been thinking all day - wouldn't it be great to do 'Blue Mondays'?? My favorite color is blue, and Mondays make me sad, so put the two together and ta-dahhhh! Blue nails to make me happier on Mondays! I also nubbinized again lately, just because - sometimes it's nice to be short :)

Since I hauled a bunch of baby Essence Colour & Gos from Ulta recently, and I decided to use three of them to do a 'colorblock' of sorts - 'You Belong to Me' on my thumb (shimmery mint that leans blue), 'Let's Get Lost' on index and middle (cyan blue), and 'Walk on Air' on my ring and pinkie (dusty cornflower blue)

mmm blueee

And because I just opened a package from Dollish Polish that arrived today, I put 'Heart of Glass' on to test it out! To borrow a line from Debbie Crumpet, it is "a lovely soup" of Spectraflair, holographic bar glitter, and holo shards to create a tri-fecta of rainbow-sparklie-bits. I put on one coat, and didn't do a very awesome job of painting to the edges, so I did a second coat and now it's so blindingly silver + rainbow that it's hard to see the base color. 'Heart of Glass' was fairly thick and took longer than I expected to dry, so it's a bit of a surprise. I don't really know if I should thin it or not - is it blasphemy to thin an indie polish?! I will have to leave this on for a bit, or maybe use a different base color before I'm sure that I love it. It is verrrrry sparkly, tho!

flash - holo rainbow sparkle yums!
artificial light - slightly blurry, and to show what it actually looks like

See? It really lessens the base color and makes everything look more silver. I might just keep adding layers on top - I'm thinking black crackle polish next?!

Happy Monday! Hope your's is going better than mine!! I'm going to watch Game of Thrones and eat chocolate pudding now :D

PS. If you think Blue Mondays should be a thing, let me know! We can do Blue Monday Manis together :)


  1. Ooh! Pretty! I have two of those polishes and I love them! I don't have that many blues but I would love to read your Blue Mondays posts! :)

  2. While I love that topcoat, I have to admit that I liked your mani better before you added it. Those are some lovely blues. ^_^ While I didn't get around to writing up a blog post about it yet, I was wearing a Blue Monday mani, too. (Well, I'm still wearing it, it's just not Monday any more. :) I was exhausted from a busy busy day of paperwork and took a nap after dinner. I'll try and get it posted at lunch today.

  3. OOOO maybe some purple then orange art? hehe

  4. lol i'm famous ha ha xxx and i really like your nails that length, and blue looks super elegant on them xx

  5. I love this! I love the ombre effect, I wish I had enough polishes in the same family to replicate it!


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