April 16, 2012

Blue Monday - Eek! Faces

I was inspired by Debbie's new Monkey See Monkey Do idea, and picked something fun to try from Pinterest. I also really wanted to try out some of the new blues I have acquired recently - some of these I bought in hopes of fulfilling each other as lemmings (funny how that works out...) - BUT I am happy to say that they are all different! Even my boyfriend thinks they're not too dupey (which is a pretty awesome). So here are my 'Eeek!' faces - or as I was thinking, shocked faces saying "I can't believe you're wearing that!" to each other (because I thought the colors would be a lot more similar than they are).

They're cute! But I think the mouths look too much like noses, probably because they're too high up. I tried it with red first and somehow that looked more like noses to me...so I went back and did it with black. This is something I'll definitely have to try again because I'm not totally pleased with it this first time around. The first two faces are pretty good, though - but maybe I should've just left it as shifty eyes?!

And here's a shot of the base colors before putting faces on them! I am especially excited that the pinkie shows a little bit of the hidden shimmer

  • ring = Gosh 'Blue Monday' (lolol) (over Pure Ice French Kiss)
  • middle = MAC 'Ming Blue' (over Pure Ice French Kiss)
  • pointer = Girly Bits 'Denim Diva'
  • pinkie = Catrice 'Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans'

Now I shall gift you with one last picture, a slightly blurry photo of the pretty, sparkly bottles! This is in reverse of my fingers because duh

The MAC and Gosh colors are, indeed, very similar in some ways - especially to people that don't love polish or blue the way that I do. But they're different enough that I have no qualms about buying them both on impulse from the same blog sale - one is sheer, but more vibrant, and the other is subtle and stunning. I keep staring at my nails and declaring "I LOVE blue!" like a creep right now.

love you + love blue

PS. I changed my blog design a bit - it's blue, too :D


  1. Oh my goodness these are so stinkin' cute! I am so going to do this sometime!

  2. Your faces are sooo cute!! They remind me of Grommitt of Wallace & Grommitt. <3

  3. Eheheh!!! These are so cute!! :D

  4. These are adorable!!! Love the blue blog too :-)

  5. weeee the lil faces are adorable!!

  6. Hahaha, these made my day! They're so cuuuute! And I don't think they look like noses, at all.

  7. Heehee, thanks y'all! I'm so glad you liked my little faces :O


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