March 11, 2012

Zoya Cho

Zoya had a pretty sweet Valentine's Day promo and I picked up two of their most recent collection + two reds (my boyfriend treated me to some; I let him pick from a list of reds I wanted, which I thought was at least a little cute). Cho, Sookie, Lotus, and Sarah have been welcomed to my polish family (for now)!!

with flash - l-r: Sookie, Cho, Sarah, Lotus 
backlit with sunlight lamp - l-r: Sookie, Cho, Sarah, Lotus

I have been very into nude/cream/tan/blonde shades lately (altho my boyfriend seems bored with them). It is sort of strange, tho, since I never used to think twice about nudes and stayed very, very far away. My polish tastes have changed a lot since I started polish collecting back in August - and I was especially taken aback when I fell in love with RGB Blonde on Blonde (which I haven't purchased, but have been inspired to buy other similarly pale yellow/beige colors because of). Today I have Cho to show you, as you could guess from this post's title! Zoya describes Cho as "an opaque yellow-toned light soft peachy beige with a hint of ultra fine silver shimmer" (also, they don't use nearly as many commas as I do). Definitely one of a few new pale blonde-y colors to make me very happy - it is so buttery, creamy, and pretty.

mega-huge nails! showing off shimmer :)

I think the 'hidden shimmer' in this polish really bums some people out, but I think it adds a little depth to the color, making it less flat and dull (and mannequin-y). In my experience, polishes with hidden shimmer play really well when adding a shimmery top coats, while the same layering top coat can look either too harsh on creams or too overdone on super shimmery colors. I have a really beautiful, swoon-worthy glitter combo on top of Cho to show you a different day, so you can see what I mean.


Did you get anything good during the Zoya Valentine's Day promo (almost a month ago, now, yikes!!!) ??


  1. Pretty! I tend to stay away from neutrals.. but a hidden shimmer might make me want to get this one! I also got Sarah during the v-day promotion.. as well as Maisie :D

  2. Cho is so pretty on you! I have Sooki and am a bit meh on it. Red doesn't look all that lovely on me. But I'm excited to see swatches of Sarah and Lotus!


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