March 17, 2012

Drugstore Display Cam

Hi y'all! I just wanted to share all the new displays that I recently saw at the drugstore with you :) This is a new idea I have for content, so let me know if you'd like to keep seeing posts like this one! Thanks!! These are all from just one CVS I stopped in, which is awesome. All the Rite-Aids near me have really old, boring displays, so it was nice to see some new things.

 Wet n Wild 'Be Jeweled' collection - the dupes of ChG Prismatic glitters. I didn't want them at all, but then in person they're pretty neat, so I picked up one of each color (hence the empty looking display).

 Have you seen this yet?? I know a lot of people in PAA are obsessed with Disney things, so I'm surprised I haven't heard a lot about this yet - Disney + Lipsmackers = awesome

 The new LE Wet n' Wild 'Flora and Fauna' sets. I was swayed by these, but didn't give in to temptation (yet) - mostly because I like the eye palette on the right, but the nail polish on the left (which I think is re-named/re-packaged Jungle Fever, which is my faveeee)

 Yes, crackle is old news, but duos in America seems like new news! Maybe we'll be getting more duos soon? Let's hope that if we forgive Revlon this small step, they'll continue with new cool stuff!

New new Essie stuff - I desperately want the blurple on the right, but decided to stay strong until I can thin out my blue polishes a bit more.

A new LE Revlon display for a shade called 'Runway Pearl'; it's very pretty, but idk if I'll like it very much because the one swatch I've seen of it looks like a soft shade, and they aren't my fave - but the display picture is very neat and the polish is pretty, so I'm excited to try it at least :D

To re-cap, I picked up one of each other colors in the Wet n Wild display, and just had to get the new Revlon shade because it seemed interesting. I picked it up and put it back a few times, then finally decided it was a necessary purchase.

So, anything exciting catch your eye? Let me know what cool stuff you've seen lately & if you'd like for me to continue compiling posts like this one!


  1. I love seeing what your sisplays look like in the US. Lol ours look compleatly different here!

  2. I agree with Kerrie our displays are very different in the UK. I think this is a great idea for a post too! x

  3. And completely different in Canada too! I like these kinds of posts :)

  4. whoa i can't wait to find the wet n wild stuff in stores! i haven't seen any of it yet. wow revlon's a bit late on the crackle trend... i wonder if those will actually sell!


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