February 14, 2012

Minty Fresh franken

Have you ever just felt that amazing, sudden flash of inspiration? I got one while brushing my teeth the other day. Yes. I really did make a franken inspired by my own toothpaste - and I adore it!! It was a little tricky to get color-accurate photos of, and I love it like my own child so this post might be a little more pic heavy than usual.

I think this picture is fairly color accurate to what my franken looks like in real life; the ring finger (right) has one layer of the Color Club neon I used to make the polish before I put on two layers of Minty Fresh.

necessary bottle pic
Lookit! I'm so in love with it! There's such a cool variety of glitters in here; it's a mix of baby opal and blue glitter, small round clear glitter, smallish clear hexes, & square blue, silver, and clear glitters in a sheer, neon blue base. All the clear glitter was 'opal' but the duochrome finish melted away, leaving me with some awesome clear glitter bits that mostly add texture, not shine.

all my fingers, with soft flash
Just wanted to share a picture of what my whole hand looks like, even though I did skittles to test it out. I wish my nail tips weren't so stained because it sort of ruins the blue polish - makes it look a lot more teal than it is.

pointer - over Sinful Colors Savage
I think this layering is probably the brightest, easiest, and most realistic in terms of being 'toothpastey'. SC Savage was a one-coater, so it was quick for me to do one coat, SV, one coat Minty Fresh, then another coat of SV. Yum!

3 layers of Minty Fresh
*cries* I wish my nails weren't so stained! But this shows you the awesome depth and delicious glitter in this; it's like a jelly polish sandwich already made up in the bottle. 

one layer over China Glaze Blue Sparrow
Although I love this picture with flash, in person it seems too dark and sort of dull compared to my other fingers. 

one layer Minty Fresh over 2 layers Barry M Black
And because I had black polish on my nails before swatching, I thought I would try layering Minty Fresh to see what it would look like. Look at all the neat glitters! Yay! I am so proud and glad that nothing has horribly melted or exploded or anything.

Indeed, I wore toothpaste polish for Valentine's Day! Not the most festive for the holiday, but I love this polish and my boyfriend thinks it's neat, so it works out.

Hope you're having a great V-Day!
xx Emma


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