February 24, 2012

Inspired by a Tutorial: Hammered Metal

I really liked the 'hammered metal' look that Alizarine Claws  did, so I tried to re-create it with some polished that I had. It's not exactly a tutorial, but she does show the two steps she did to achieve her pretty, textured look. I put down one coat of Color Club Antiquated from the Foiled collection, then one coat of Milani Jewel FX Gold, then another thin coat of the CC Antiquated on top. Maybe it's the color of the foiled polish I used, which is more light gold/champagin vs. silver in the original, or maybe it's just that my second coat was too thin, so you can see the hex glitter bits of the Milani polish too much? I still like the idea of this, so I may try it again, but I didn't 100% love this attempt -  I think it just looks lumpy.

my hammered metal attempt

Well, this pretty much wraps up my (slow and steady) attempt at the 31 day nail art challenge! The last day is to re-create my favorite look, so I'll attempt that and a better re-cap post soon :) Thanks for reading these challenge posts - it was a really fun thing to start off the new year with for me!

And of course, don't forget that several other ladies are better at time management and completed this challenge already! Bec at Lacquer Dreams, Julia at Julia Loves Nails, Linda at Nail Polish Enthusiast, Alyssa at Fancy Phalanges and Jenna at The Key to Jennasis, Kirsten at Geeky Owl and April at Munia's Nails


  1. Your rendition and the original are both gorgeous, but I'll admit - yours actually looks more like hammered metal than hers. :)

  2. so gorgeous!

  3. What an interesting take on a "sandwich" mani! I like this look alot!

  4. What a cool manicure! Nicely done. :)

  5. This is an awesome idea...I may have to copy sometime :O)


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