February 19, 2012

The Haul to End All Hauls!

I've been buying up all the pretty things lately. Like all of them. I've bought probably 100 new bottles of polish since this month started. My Mom would be sobbing right now if she knew! Keeping better track of my spending by doing haul posts and adding things to my spreadsheet has been pretty nice because I know where I am in terms of numbers, and now I can safely say I'm going no-buy!!! This is new territory for me, as I've always just gone ahead full steam - but look where that's gotten me! Yikes!

I officially told Boyfriend, as well as PAA and my trusty birthday club, so hopefully they keep me strong. Boyfriend and I agreed that Hunger Games is okay to buy, and I still obviously have to get things for swaps/birthday ladies, but I'm not buying anything else from now through March. (I do have some things I ordered before this "official" no buy that will still be arriving, though)

This is something I've needed to do for awhile and gives me more time to paint my nails and organize my stuff, instead of organizing wishlists and looking at swatches. I feel sort of relieved to be doing this, but also sort of nervous! I will probably be making a swap/sale list soon, too.

So as a thanks for reading all those words up there, here are some pretty pictures of things I bought :D And if anyone wants to support me/join me on my no buy, let me know! I'm here for you!!

two very un-me Electropop colors, gold crackle (yeah, I know)

duochromey layering stuffs
I managed to get 10 polishes for under $20 at Sally Beauty because I stacked some coupons/bought up their mega clearance stuff. I was so proud of myself! I know you're probably concerned that I'm buying gold crackle because aren't we over that? We are! But I ended up with two silver crackles and no gold, and sometimes a girl needs some gold *shrug*

There are a many, many more pictures for your beautiful eyes to look at - Cult Nails, Lynnderellas, OPI,  Zoya, Ohhhhhzotics, and pretty much any indie Etsy glitter-polish-shop you know of below!

Swanbourne and Toxic Seaweed!! yum!!

Claire's Poison Apple - bought it on a whim from a blog sale

nudie pinks!
Boyfriend doesn't understand having lots of "boring" colors, and I used to agree with him, but I think the winter/spring weather makes me crave 'clean' simple colors.

OPI Ink and Icing After Party

Holland minis - excited to try the pinks

Marshmallow, mega cheap SH, Cinderella

ohhhhh shimmery! Cinderella

buy 1 get 2 free clearance haul from Regis Salon

artsy pic of Icing Magnetix

Wooden Shoe Like to Know?, then those two bluey flecked things

Nicki Minaj -  I have minis of these that I need to use before I keep these

Navigate Her, Bossy Boots, Creamy Olive (again)
Bevin on the left, compared to Mermaid's Tears/SC dupe
Loving greens right now! Although Bevin seems more 'fall' to me because of how dusty it is. Creamy Olive is a re-post from my last haul post, I just wanted to show it compared to Bossy Boots (which might be the cutest named bottle of polish I have).

Ready for the limited edition Zoyas from New York Fashion week?

Peter Som LE NYFW box
I was so curious about the new Zoya boxes that I just had to buy them. Kudos to them for their mysterious limited edition plan because it worked on me! Why can you see only half of Katherine in the above picture? Because I'm bad at things OR because it's a layering gloss and so you only need to see half of it?! Eh??

Bibhu Mohapatra LE NYFX box
The Bibju Mohapatra box is so beautiful, and everything I want right now. Two simple and elegant 'office' shades or whatever you want to call it, and a really striking red. It also came with free Sparkle Gloss, which I've been wanting to try - so hooray! I'll be doing some nail art with both of these palettes soon.

Now, are you ready for all the glittery Etsy frankeners? So many pretties!!!

The Selfish Green, Hyperspace Bypass, Cyance Fiction, All of Time & Space
Nerd Lacquer polish butts above! Sorry, I hate long captions. Do you like seeing polish 'butts', or their fronts with their labels? I find the labels annoying, and mostly in the way of the color, but I'm weird.

Pretty & Polished - Midnight Rider, GBF, Bubble Tea

GlitterFest Disney colors
I like these labels because they're small and handwritten. I love love little personal touches like that, especially on homemade things. Lynnderellas are that way too, and I do think that makes them a little bit extra special [speaking of Lynns...there might still be some in this post!]

Dollish Polish - shimmery duochrome topcoats

Dollish Polish - Expectro Patronum and Zombie Flesh
I bought Dollish Polish Zombie Flesh because it seemed similar to Pretty & Polished Bubble Tea, and Bubble Tea was all sold out at that moment, but I caught a bottle of it the next day. They are very similar in theory - greenish base with black hex and other shimmer, but one definitely looks like gross flesh and the other one doesn't :)

Do these really need captions? Of course not. Delicious Lynnderellas. I have more of these than I ever dreamed possible, and ladies in PAA are the nicest ever for helping me get these ones from the Lovely is as Lovely Does collection.

Ohhhhhzotics *dies*
These are my first Ozotics!!! I'm very excited; I thought I'd never have any because they're really expensive, but I got them from a blog sale so it didn't hurt my wallet as much as it could have.

Hooray! Hope you're feeling full from all of this eye candy. No idea why I'm so half-assed punny today, but maybe you didn't read the words and were too busy drooling? Good!

Parting things for you today:
  1. Let me know if you're doing a no buy and we can support each other - forreal. We can do eet!
  2. Which of these should I play with first?! [Note: Your answer canNOT be "all of them"]
You can let me know about either of these things in the comments :)


  1. naughty naughty Emma! I'm so good at hauling that i don't often get jealous, but good golly Momma, look what you did!! Fab haul xx

    1. and seriously, take your captcha off !! 3 attempts !!!! shakes fist x

    2. Ugh, Debbie I am so derpy! No one told me I had that STUPID thing on!!!

    3. oh myyyy! I can't believe I made you jelly!!

  2. I've been on a no-buy since January 1st and I'm going until April 1st. You can do it! Although I have bought 4 sets of stamping plates. :p

    Go for one of the Ozotics first!

    1. woo hoo! that is one long no-buy! Congrats :) The Ozotics dooo seem tempting!

  3. wow you've accumulated lots of fantastic polishes! i've been on a no buy too. i recently broke it for some spoiled polishes though D:
    my exceptions are limited edition polishes :3

    1. Hopefully nothing amazing and limited edition comes out in the near future that I'm not aware of yet...
      I do have some Bloom vouchers that I might have to use before they expire if I'm feeling tempted ^.^

  4. That is the best haul ever! Love it!

  5. Oh My Gosh!!! I love this haul!! I totally want Cyance Friction!! And Two of the Lynderella's!! :D But I am going on a No Buy as well.. Except for the China Glaze colors! :D

    P.S.. I am the other Thea from Facebook! :D

  6. Peter Som swatches!! :) or just let me know what you think of them by looking at them lol, I'm trying to decide if I should buy these off of eBay.

    I should be on a no-buy since I'm waiting on over 30 polishes to get here but I have no self-control...

  7. I'd love to see those box Zoyas!!! I didn't end up buying them cause I couldn't let myself without looking at swatches. Love to see those Glitterfests as well, cause there are def. not enough swatches of those! You have so many wonderful polishes here. But I def. understand why you're on a no buy though hahaha.

  8. Wow! Amazing! Thank you for posting this. Now I don't feel so bad about mine! ;)

  9. Wow so much stuff! I've had epic hauls before too and always tell myself next month I'll go on a No Buy. Then I forget about it the next day. lol

  10. Followed the link from PAA because I was intrigued at what you possibly could've bought to warrant such a long no-buy.....well...I now understand. Congrats! At least you'll be kept entertained during the no-buy!

  11. Those Lynnderellas are so prettyyy! What an awesome haul!

    I'm also on a no-buy at the moment, boo! :( I have to save money so I can move closer to work! Rubbish!


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