February 9, 2012

Glitter Haul!

Didn't I say I was on a break from glitter, a glitter diet of sorts? Ha. I wish that was true! I just can't seem to quit you, glitter. You're just soooo pretty and sparklesome! I recently got a few of the new Jordana glitters, a trio of Spoiled glitters, and an L.A Girl Glitter Addict polish that I wanted to show y'all.

l-r: Gold Glam, Celebration, Celestial, and Bronze Fest

Gold Glam and Celebration - with flash

Celestial and Bronze Fest - with flash
Celebration and Celestial have different sized round/hex glitters in them, but Celestial (turquoise) has three sizes and I think Celebration (purple) only has two different sizes (if there are three different sizes of glitter, the difference in their size is much less pronounced than in the other C-named polish). I like them both and they seem pretty buildable, but also really gritty. Gold Glam and Bronze Fest are actually standing out to me a lot more, which is so weird! My polish taste is definately changing, and I don't know if it's the weather or what. [Thanks, Bee!!]

Pet my Peacock, Ants in my Pants and Jewelry Heist seem to be the three most popular glitters from the new Spoiled displays right now and now I have them, too! [Thanks, Stella!!]

Pet my Peacock - 'sunlight' lamp

Ants in my Pants - flash

Jewelry Heist - 'sunlight' lamp
From some quick and dirty swatches over an existing mani, my favorite is probably Jewelry Heist with Ants in my Pants coming in with a swift second. Pet my Peacock is a really pretty combo of colors, but I like more variety in sizes of glitter.

Celebration - 'sunlight' lamp
This is L.A. Girl Glitter Addict in 'Celebration' and I think that the combo of glitter colors could satisfy some of you with a major Lynnderella Boy-Girl Party lemming for at least the time being. There are no square shaped glitters, just round/hex of various sizes, but the colors do seem really similar!! I can do a comparison when I get my bottle of Boy-Girl Party soon if anyone wants.

Celebration - with flash

The stand-out by far to me in my new bounty of glitters is Gold Glam. I got 9 wonderful diamonds on my thumb with one coat the very first time using it, so I'm pleased as punch!! I love that there's prismatic diamonds in the gold base, not a silver base. I love it so much I might already need a back up (yes, I'm that sort of polish collector). Here's a quick and dirty swatch on my thumb over Essie Marshmallow


I feel like the Internet has seen a lot of these swatches already, but I'm happy to do some if you want them. Let me know what you'd like to see!

PS. I'm sorry about bloggin' because I've been having a crap time with my photos lately, and that makes it more frustrating. I also hate wasting time watermarking photos, so I'll probably only do it for swatches/nail art from now one (i.e. things I really want people to know I did). For my photos, I use a diffused "sunlight" lamp, but it's giving me some seriously unattractive glare lately, and I'm not digging it - but I also work all day so it's challenging to get better photos. Plz fill me in if you have any tips!


  1. Glitter is a necessity in a nail polish diet! Love all of these!

    1. They're all pretty delicious. Do you have any of these yet?

  2. Celebration is my fave glitter that i own. And is it wrong that i LOVE that they called the polish Ants in my pants lol xxx

    1. Celebration is a very you color :) I love the name as well; very cute!


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