February 26, 2012

31 Day Challenge = Recap

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Woo hoo! I did it! I finished the challenge! And it only took me two months :p

Things I've learned/things that have happened while doing this:
  • changing my polish every single day is a luxury I can't always afford, but wish that I could
  • I've gotten better at painting my nails!
  • a dotting tool is my favorite thing to use to clean up the polish edge around my cuticles
  • my picture taking has improved; my fingers look slightly less awkward by the end
  • I changed my nail shape for 'day 15', from square to rounded, which was revolutionary at the time
  • hosted a giveaway mid-challenge to celebrate having way more followers than I thought I could achieve (and now have more than that!!)
  • I got way better at stamping, then quit and got worse again - practice does make perfect

Even though I was slow, I didn't give up, and I really like most of what I did. My favorite ones would probably be my freehand rainbow tips, my flowers + pastel skittles (on my right hand!), my abstract 'under the sea', my pillow pattern nails, and my zombie nails. The only post that sort of went under the radar (and didn't manage to attract even one comment) was my Nicki Minaj water marble, which I thought was pretty cool, too.

I really like the prompts, but don't love how they're arranged - because it ramps up in difficulty without any breaks. I might re-write my own version or just pull numbers out of a hat and re-do this challenge in the future, simply because I like having themes/prompts.

For now I have a lot of stash control to work on (will most likely have a swap/sale tab on top soon), and the PCFC Spring Challenge has been going on without me! So I have a new challenge to keep me entertained. Feel free to join in on this one, too


  1. wow 238 followers - congrats and well deserved xxx

  2. Such a great recap! Love it!
    Your galaxy nails were amazing :)

  3. I love the recap photo! And congrats on being done and for the followers! :)


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